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  1. Need some advice re. thrush male and female

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    so here is the story- i seem to be quite prone to getting thrush from time to time, i mostly know when i have it and treat it and it's fine but sometimes i don't know for a bit and end up passing it onto my partner during sex.

    not so long ago, i did exactly that and we both took a fluconazole tablet which cleared mine up and all is fine but my boyfriend is still (3 weeks later) really struggling with his. he gets these patches on his penis of red peeling skin and the skin goes all thin and shiny. he also sometimes gets this stinging pain in his peehole but this never lasts too long. the other thing he has which he has never had before is his balls are really red- not swollen- but sometimes itchy and the skin is very red and there is a clear line of definition all the way around them.

    at the moment he is treating with miconazole nitrate which seems to be gradually sorting it as clotrimazole didn't work but he is pretty stressed and run down alot of the time.

    but i was hoping someone could give some advice before we possibly see our doctors- any men out there had this before? could it be something else?

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    To be honest if youve tried those things I would go straight to your local sexual health clinic. Most have walk in clinics as well as booking appointments. I think you will get a better service there than going to see a gp as they are so much more experienced with these persistent problems. The GP is probably only likely to refer you there anyway. Treatment is also free and anonymous should you wish too as well. It could be because he is run down but its possible it could be something altogether different to thrush like eczema or dermatitis but they'll soon be able to tell. hope this helps.


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    many skin conditions are related to stress and general condition, i would say you need to seek professional help somehow


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    I to am pretty prone thrush more so when I was preg an my oh ended up getting it

    He Suffered a lot compared to me before we went to the docs with it it was very pain and nearly impossible for him to pull his foreskin back and it become very thin among other things anyway a simple cream from the gp cleared it up

    J+J [sign in to see picture]
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    The Mrs has had it a few times, but luckily I never got it passed on. I would see someone about it. Free confidential advice is always worth while.

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    I always get thrush after sex with the oh if I don't wash my wanger after.

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