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  1. few questions about anal

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    Thank you blueeyes :) its just such a hard situation because he is kind of on and off with the idea, he says he doesn't mind if I want to do it, but he is a bit off with the idea of it >.< well we shall try again and hopefully it wont be as bad ^^ xx

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    Hellkat wrote:

    With anal relaxation is key, doggy is a great position for this as you can use a toy on yourself

    Use lots of lube on yourself and your partner make it fun, have a giggle about it, it feels weired going in which is why you tense up but breath threw it, some people even find pushing against the cock like your having a poo helps

    Try lots of foreplay first and you can get your partner to run his fingers around your anus to get used to having it touch then sliding a finger in personally I think it's a mind over matter thing. society still think anal is a tad taboo its not spoken about as much as other forms of sex so your brain still tells your body it's " bad" so you automatically tense at any form of stimulation, in time this stops as your mind and body adapts and gets used to it

    I personally love anal especially when I use my rabbit on my self you get the vaginal stimulation as well as cliteral and your partner will be able to feel the rabbit vibrate and move inside you as the vaginal canal and lower bowl run parallel to each other so using a toy at the same time will enhance the stimulation for both partners

    NEVER feel embarresed about discussing things on here, that is what we are here for babes we are a great group of people and we are always willing to help and give advise if we can plus lets face it no one knows who you are so you have the freedom to ask anything ;-)

    Enjoy yourself babes our bodies are there for us to enjoy in many ways explore and experiment and I'm sure you will find what works best for you but most importantly HAVE FUN xxxx much love xxxx

    Great post Hellkat :-)

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