1. Shaved my balls...

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    i have a philips total body precision that i pick up for about £30 pain free but u have to keep on top of it i use mine 3 times a week the good thing is that is 100% waterproof so u can use it in the shower or bath and it dose everything under the neck line well worth the money

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    I use a body groomer shaver which does a good job but tends to last for about 2 or 3 days. I also sometimes use a hair removal cream and have found that the Veet removal cream for bikini and underarms is good for that area....at least it works for me! The cream tends to keep me smooth for about a week. Best not to use the cream too often and test a small area before doing the whole area!!

    Tried having my legs waxed once and just could not cope with the pain so would not even dare trying the genitals....Hats off to all the women and men who do wax!!!

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    have done it occaisionally and the effect is good .....but I tend to forget....then its like having a pair of hedgehogs in your boxers....ouch!

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    I tried this a while ago and was too lazy to keep it going. But spurred on by watching an old repeat of Sex: How to do everything" on 5 the other night so my wife doesn't have to endure the unpleasantness of of pubic hair.

    Day two just reshaved and have to say it feels great to have smooth balls. Love it. Hope I don't get too lazy now.

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    Keep it up :)

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    I have & use a Cleancut shaver, whichI find works well. A little & often.....:-)

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