1. Encouraging Excitement?!

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    Ok so I want to encourage my girlfriend to try new things... We're suffering with a bit of lesbian bed death but not sure how to do it!!

    Whats your TOP TIPS.... for getting in the mood? What New things have you tried and LOVED?

    Any toys anyone think is a MUST??

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    The must toy for me at the moment is the Tracey Cox wand, i seriously can't put it down x

    chels18 [sign in to see picture]
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    Ohhhh i've always wanted a wand!!

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    Sorry for asking the obvious but have you tried talking to her / discussing fantasies etc? Sometimes best done out of the bedroom so that she doesn't take it the wrong way.

    Or during foreplay say it would really turn me to try...Or how about we do...

    Toy wise-I'm sure you'll get plenty pf good advice here!

    If it's something you think she might not be into go slowly when introducing the idea. Porn is quite good for this so you can watch a scene you want to try and see how she responds.

    Top tips lots of teasing etc. beforehand. / during the day so that she is really turned on all the time and can't wait to rip your clothes off :)

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    Also be spontaneous. Kiss her slowly and softly one minute. Then be more passionate / aggressive so she doesn't know what to expect. Softly caress her and then grab her / pin her arms back. Hopefully you get the idea.

    Same with oral, lots of teasing licks first until she can't stand it any longer :)

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    Would definitely recommend buying yourselves a wand, I bought the Lovehoney one a while ago with pretty much every attachment I could find for it and it's amazing! There's an attachment for every occassion and for us, having such a powerhouse of a toy is a very new and exciting experience. We're also starting to get into the dress up/costume side of things which is really adding a bit of variety to our sex life.

    Have you tried one of the Tracey Cox books? They look very good at introducing and revamping a stale sex life.

    Hope it goes well for you both :)

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    My girlfriend and I have had the occasional spell of this - lesbian bed death. Probably only natural, really, as we've been together for a long time now, and any relationship is likely to have the odd rut.

    For us, it was less that the sex itself lacked novelty, more that the realities of everyday life had taken the zing out of the intimacy between us. Living together, and sharing a bed, had become more functional than romantic. So when we made love, during that period, it felt more like going through the motions than a lusty, exciting experience.

    I began to notice that, unlike before, she didn't always orgasm during sex, which upset me because until then we'd had a wonderful sex life, which she'd always found very satisyfing.

    We sorted all this out, I'm glad to say, and partly because I found the gumption to bring the subject up properly so we could talk through it. That cleared the air and helped bring a freshness to things when we were in bed.

    One other thing we did is what I'd recommend to you, Chels. Why don't you - and it's very simple - just take your girlfriend away for a change of scenery? I took mine away for a surprise romantic trip - just a few nights in a really sweet hotel in a seaside village we both like. It didn't need to be anything flashy - just the intimacy of spending days and nights together in a different environment, with no chores to worry about, and a bit of luxury.

    In my experience, romance is sexy - and exciting - in itself. And that trip really worked for us - long walks hand-in-hand, the change of air, a bottle of champagne, and the fun of sleeping - and having sex - in a luxurious hotel bed. That first night, we had a beautiful love-making session, and I think what did the trick for us was the occasion gave us the chance to celebrate our relationship and our love for each other - and in turn that brought the excitement back to sex.

    I know that all this must sound awfully corny and soppy - a bit Mills and Boon! - but it's true, and it worked!

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    Teasing is great. Being a bit dirtier when normally you weren't say by text. You're home she's out then a bit of sexting if that's not normally what you'd do.

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