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  1. Safe methods of breath play?

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    i love it.... but i think safety wise is to have an understanding between the two couples and for the one who CAN breath - NOT to push those boundaries!


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    Lovehoney - Hella wrote:

    I've done breath play videos, but a lot of that is acting as opposed to actual oxygen starvation.

    I personally hang off the end of the bed during sex to get a similar rush without actually restricting breathing much. Blood rushing to the head and then sitting upright quickly gives a similar effect.

    My wife likes this too holding her head horizontal, I always thought it was keeping her head supported by the neck muscles restricted the flow of blood slightly to the brain, for me just breathing through the bed sheets is enough.

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    I find exaggerating the gasping and chocking sounds keeps him happy and less tight around my neck!!! Come to think of it but we do it a loss less now than we used to.

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