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  1. Pheromone Spray

    kinkycop [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi everyone, I been looking at my internet bookmarks, and found a product of Pheromone Spray on lovehoney!

    Yeah I think I do want to buy & try the product? has anyone used this product, and what was it like, yes I read the one review, but one review won't cut it with me!

    I got a feeling of this product is a joke or some money making scam, I am not asking to for magic of meeting a woman the instantly find myself in bed with her!

    if it gave me a more start with a lady or be a little more attractive because of the spay, yes I do have afew ladies, I even got a hug from one of them! but the feeling lasted for days for me.

    I do need proper advice on the product and experience on this, I can't find a topic on this on here, or a desent one on the net without being "trolled" on! if it is a waste of money, I would better off sending it on my stuff on my uniform!

    ShaftMaster [sign in to see picture]
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    If you're looking for a 'start', something to build upon, then I have to ask if pheromone spray is really the way to go? Unless you're gonna wear some every single time you see this person/people, then I don't see how it's going to have a long-term effect??

    Besides, if it's pheremones you want, I've noticed that I got more attention from girls on the nights I'd had a wank before going out. Nothing works quite like the real thing.

    kelly_michelle [sign in to see picture]
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    Ok I know I'm a girl and so my experience isn't that helpful but I do have the female version of that. I do get more attention (I don't use it much) and a good make friend said I smelt amazing but it could be a placebo effect, you feel more confident so people notice that. It isn't a magic spray and won't make women throw themselves at you but if it helps you feel a bit more confident, that can't be a bad thing.

    TTurtle [sign in to see picture]
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    It contains androstadienone which is actually a pheremone and is used in lots of pheremone products.

    The question is how much and how well does it combine with the other products in the formula. A really good forum for this is (this is just a forum LH, not a commercial site and it might give OP some more info about what's contained within this product)

    Last month I ordered a product called 'The Edge' which is a popular product on pherotruth and people reported great things with it, its unscented and designed to be mixed with other EDT's. I used it for a while and nothing, and then boom I went out this time last week and picked up a gorgeous mixed race French girl who I am trying so desperately to arrange a date with now (but giving me the run around haha) but one of the things she was keen to point out to me was how nice I smelled - that wasn't the conversation starter and it was by no means the only reason I picked her up (alcohol and running my game to the max were also key haha), but I was very intruiged by how keen she was to point this out and how she continually felt the need to put her head close to where I had sprayed (the neck!! the neck dammit not my crotch haha!!). FTR she also smelt truely divine but she said she had mixed two scents and I put that down to her being french and thus knowing about these sorts of things unlike us uncultured brits...haha! I would put myself at about a 5/10 or maybe 6/10 btw and to me she is way out of my league

    OK you're not going to get the whole 'spray on and you're a sex god waiting to happen' Lynx effect, they are an added aid to a social situation..if you go in talking the talk like a bawss, smelling like a bawss is an extra compliment to that and you're gonna pull like a bawss. I do believe the right pheremones matched with the correct situation and cover scent do work if you put the effort in, and it's very interesting to research what different effects different pheremones have..there is a product called Glace Ice or something similar and it's not meant to be a pulling pheremone but a making friends pheremone etc.

    Should you try this? Yes defo, go for it, just don't expect ladies falling at your feet. Make the effort to talk to women and I guarantee you'll get compliments on your smell.

    One last key point to say - if you do go for it, be very careful not to 'overdose'.. that is spray too much, aside from smelling like a turkish brothel, too much pheremones can have the opposite effect and scare women away. Trial and error is key

    edit: oh and if you decide to spray on clothing be careful, the scent will stay in clothing long after washing and can also lead to a potential OD effect

    TTurtle [sign in to see picture]
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    Bumping this thread a bit - I lost my bottle of 'The Edge' a couple of weeks back :( sad times as it definitely gave a little extra something.

    Ordered another product from the same company called NPA (new pheremone additive), it's meant to be much more concentrated and if you get it right it can work wonders so we'll see..

    MrPink [sign in to see picture]
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    I've always relied on two things - my sense of humour and the fact I already have a partner. I had to work the former much harder when I didn't have the latter.

    TTurtle [sign in to see picture]
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    Doesn't hurt to smell good in the process though ;)

    jenkat [sign in to see picture]
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    Ive just bought the mojo one as at £3.99 its not going to break the bank if it doesnt work!!

    I have no expectations, but am quite looking forward to testing it out!!

    TTurtle [sign in to see picture]
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    I think i remember reading somewhere the womens version has copulins in it possibly :-/ but the women version seems like a lot better formula than the mens one, hence me buying a proven tested one from USA

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