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  1. weight preference?

    Chris Stefani [sign in to see picture]
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    I am not attracted to skinny girls. The ones who look like they are little more than bones and skin. I prefer a few curves! My mrs has gorgeous curves :D

    Quite what my mrs sees in me, I really don't know. I'm 5'10 and stick thin, barely hitting 10 stone. I'm one of these people who struggles to put weight on. Hitting 10 stone was a huge achievement for me since I had been stuck at 9 for years.

    MissBoo [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm usually not attracted to thin/slim, I much prefer curves on men and women.. more cushion for the pushing as they say! :) A rugby player build is my ideal! My husband prefers curvy too.. thank god!

    dotdashdot [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm 5ft 4 and about 8st 12 size 8-10. I like my size and am happy with my figure. My boobs are small but perky which I like. I'm still a bit squishy and would like to be a bit more toned though!

    I don't like skinny guys as I like the guy to be bigger and stronger than me! I'm not massively impressed by muscles and 6 packs though big arms are a turn on.

    My ex used to have a really good body but then he put on a lot of weight and it just didn't suit him. I wasn't attracted to him anymore.

    The new guy I'm kinda seeing isn't fat, isn't thin, isn't too muscly.... and that's just how I like it :P x

    Gym Man [sign in to see picture]
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    alwayssingle:( wrote:

    same here! eat all day and not get big! same with using weights! get stronger but still can't put it on.

    Slightly off topic so appologies, but diet and calories are key when using heavy weights for mass.

    I'm not trying to lecture here, but hopefully trying to give some helpful advice.

    Enough protein for muscle repair is needed to gain mass as well as strength. I'd say a minimum of 1.5g of protein for every pound of bodyweight is required every day. Enough carbs are important too for energy levels and to "fill" the muscles. Supplements help but a good diet is an essential base. I'm a hard gainer (weight wise) and need a good diet along with some supplements to increase mass. A product called Critical Mass has helped me gain weight. It gives me an additional 2700 calories per day in three servings. Without it I make no gains.

    Syd [sign in to see picture]
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    alwayssingle:( wrote:

    I don't have a preference as such....? I like ladies tall slim with nice domed cheeks and a large shoe size! But I don't mind a lady that are stronger then me and she is bigger build them me too!

    I personally like small ladies too, so in that sence I don't really have a weight prerence, but I am more in for tall,slim and nice curves and large shoe size!


    I am always interested to hear about new cultures.

    Is a large shoe size generally considered desirable in your country or is that just a preference particular to yourself?

    cakeybakey [sign in to see picture]
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    i'm a BBW and proud of it. my husband has loved me both slender and as i am now, and he puts it, I LOVE THE WOMAN! to each his own.

    lilac_vix [sign in to see picture]
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    I tend to be physically attracted most to skinny men with an alternative look but for me attraction is more in the mind and as I get to know someone the physial appearance doesn't really matter in the end.

    barkis [sign in to see picture]
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    I certainly go for curves but everyone's different and there's someone for everyone.

    Whatever size you are, if you're content in yourself and your shape I think it's far sexier than wishing you were someone different and being unhappy about who you are and what you've got.

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