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    Hello all!

    I just thought I'd draw attention to Lovehoney's set of Buyer's Guides. I always thought you knew where they were but recent threads have shown me otherwise, so I thought I'd point them out again.

    You can find buyer's guides under each of the drop-down menus (they're in bold) and also relevant guides on each product page.

    They're all written by us here at Lovehoney, and we're gradually re-writing them all (some have been kicking around for years), adding more video content, more pictures etc so we hope they can be as useful as possible.

    We have Sex Toys Guides, as well as specific sections:

    and also Lingerie Guides, Essentials Guides and Gifts & Games Guides. Over Christmas and Valentine's we do special gift guides too.

    I know they're not the easiest to find, or easiest to navigate (which is definitely on our list of things to improve) but hopefully getting the word out there will help more people to find them.

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    hi i see you alice lol xxx

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    I can honestly say i have never noticed the guide to the toys. That certainly helps when choosing something. Cheers!


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    no maps though alice...i took a wromg turn at the frenulum

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    thanks alice x

    totallylamb [sign in to see picture]
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    I love these guides, I always think they're so helpful! I always refer back to them if I'm having difficulties choosing a product :)

    x x x

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    We have used the video guides or the buying a corset & for helping with putting it on, the guide was very helpful indeed.

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    The LH guides have always been very helpful, it is so much better when you can see something being done and explained rather than just written down.

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    Do love the buyer's guides, very useful indeed. As others have said, it is wonderful being able to see demonstrations etc on the guides and also on product pages. Love this one btw:



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