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    My OH and I are going on holiday abroad in the summer, and we've book a hotel room with a jacuzzi in. Now I've read in various places that latex condoms aren't suitable for use in water (especially hot water). I'm wondering if the non-latex ones are, or if there is another alternative. Does anyone have any experience or advice that would help me?

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    Water doesn't do any damage to the latex as far as I'm aware. If you're using a latex condom then use a silicone-based lubricant as the oil-based ones aren't safe with latex and water-based ones don't work well in water. Also, put the condom on before you get in the jacuzzi as having water inside it may cause it to slip off during intercourse.

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    However, I've been led to believe from many sources that in-water sex does make all condoms more at risk of failure (slippage etc).

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    Iv had sex in one and in a pool also in the sea iv never had a problem But as alimc said make sure your oh put the condom on before getting in or make sure he drys his penis well before putting it on to avoid it slipping off xx

    Ps the bubbles feel great on high ;-)


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    just expect a baby and i am sure you will have the time of your life

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    Speaking from someone that sold jacs for a living dont bother expecting good sex from a jac. Its far to slippy. Just use it for foreplay, blowjobs lickouts etc.

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    Jac's are fine, just keep the water temp down, the hottub in our garden is vab for it

    39 Deg, he's fine when we crank the temp to 40

    it's amazing what one degree make, it is just too hot to keep your mind on things

    Majority of Lubs are water based and thats whats advised to be used tith condoms

    no prob,

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    Risk? getting caught (if it's in a quiet public spa)

    Seriously though, it depends what you are trying to get up to and the design of the spa and it's surroundings. We've tried it in a wooden lined one outdoors and that was just fine - easy to stand firm on the bottom of the jac, allowing the water to support her. Also used a deep plastic one and that was fine too.

    I've had one bad experience in a jac, where it was located within a steam room - we were alone and really going for it with me standing up and her legs wrapped round me, being supported by the water. All of a sudden I got completely breathless - was getting no air at all and had to literlly dump the OH, struggle to put on the trunks and get out of the room into fresh air. I put that down to the chlorine being pushed out by the bubbles, the high humidity/temperature and possibly me not being quite as fit as I think I am.

    I guess there could be a risk of water jets or bubble jets getting inside an anus or vagina, the later especially being a pretty dangerous thing (if the Lovers Guide videos were to be believed). But if the a or v is filled by a cock, the risk of that is pretty low.

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    All good advice guys, thanks. Having read what you've got to say I'm thinking the verdict is to just experiment and have fun but be a bit cautious of things... Maybe a cock ring to also help prevent condom slippage?

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