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  1. Caught with a toy ?


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    LauraP wrote:

    Jess_cd wrote:

    I hope that conversation started AFTER he jumped on you?

    er no... like I said I kept the bunny

    girls love their bunnies

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    They're good for frothing coffee...

    Same as Proudwoody - vibrator switched itself on in Morocco airport. Strange coincidence.

    Not caught exactly but in another hotel the cleaning lady very kindly tidied up handcuffs, lube, condoms and a blindfold which must have fallen out of our bag. They were in our bedside drawer when we got back...


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    fleshlights are good for flower arrangements

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    When I was in my early teens I got caught a few times in the morning before getting out of bed! My mum would walk in without knocking to get me up for school so I would pretend I was asleep! I don't think she ever realised what I was doing!

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    horny husband wrote:

    my wife was on the bed using a large black dildo when she looked and saw the window cleaner watching her.

    This by far made me laugh most! What a horror moment.... Window cleaner= perv lol

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    i was recently unpacking in my new house and needed a break. so i found the box with my rabbit in. next thing i knew my now ex partner came rushing in unannonced and stopped dead and go red with anger as i tried to turn it off...not how i saw a relationship ending...

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    What is it with relationships ending cos of this!?

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    Had a few close calls but luckily never been caught!!

    Was having some solo fun, luckily under the duvet when my sister walked in wanting to borrow a DVD! She never knocks. I don't think she had a clue though.

    I really don't understand why people have issues with their partners masturbating.......everyone does it. Whether your in a relationship or not is irrelevant. Just don't get all the angry reactions :/ if I came home to find my fella having a good solo session it'd be a turn on!

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    sexynurse. likewise if i caught my OH.

    Like you say everyone knows everyone does it...

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    Dan, SexyNurse-agreed.

    Nothing hotter... But I think she does it deliberately sometimes to get me even more in the mood :) Does anyone else do this to deliberately get caught?

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    Love this thread! Hilarious stuff... Before we got married my wife caught me a few times, which initially was very embarrassing, but once I realised where it led once caught, now I don't care :)

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    My ex's older brother used to purposely run into our room without knocking for laughs, he saw me naked many times and in so many positions, oh the shame!

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    Prone on my bed
    thinking of you
    wanting you here
    the things we could do.

    Dressing gown open
    eyelids closed
    hand moves towards
    my part that's exposed.

    Warm and squidgy
    I squeeze, it swells
    into your inlet
    my imagination sails.

    Wrist action pleasure
    I'm harder than rock
    vaguely I wonder
    "where is my sock"

    Nearing completion
    instead, a cold freeze
    "did I shut the curtains?"
    "please! oh please!"

    I open my eyes
    look to the side
    unadorned windows
    prying eyes.

    Their faces grinning
    mine horror struck!
    I leap from sight
    Too late!
    "Oh Damn, Oh Fu@k"!


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    My ex's mother found the vibrator moulded into the shape of my cock we had made

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    alright mate being a window cleaner myself trust me it comes as more as a shock to us espeically when your 12ft up a ladder. you just dont expect it. but it happpends more then you think. only thing is when you go back latter to collect the money theres normally not much eye contact made.

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    Never caught my OH and she has never caught me. Not been found by anyone else either.
    I told her not to worry about solo play, its a turn on if I catch her doing it, I know where it will lead!

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    I've never come in to catch my mrs playing with a toy, but if I ever did come in and catch her, I would be forced (by the voices in my head! lol) to join in.

    Once, when we were staying in a lovely hotel, she was playing with herself in a jacuzzi bath. I knew she was in the bath, just didn't realise what she was up to. She had wanted me to walk in on her though. That's gotta be one of the best blowjobs I've ever received! lol

    Once had her mum walk in on us when we were in bed together when we'd been staying over at their house. Fortunately we'd finished about a minute beforehand, so we were lying side-by-side. How embarrassing would it have been if her mother had walked in a couple of minutes earlier?!

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    I've just joined and was exploring the forum when I found this thread - I'm still chuckling. As for me, I've never been caught using my toys but my man knows and loves the fact that I play so I'm really lucky. There have been a couple of 'moments' though. Our 13 year old son was grumpy one day and when I asked him if he was okay he said that he was tired because he didn't get much sleep and please could we move our bed away from the wall!!!! Even worse, my mum in law had bought my man new boxers for his birthday that were so huge we could both get into them - so of course we did and halfway through a fabulous fun session she rang and he answered!!!! I'm sure you get the picture - yes, we were still in the boxers - joined!!. Thank goodness there was no such thing as video calling back then! We were helpless with laughter.

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    Me and my girlfriend almost got caught by her mum when she opened the door but luckly it was jammed abit due to the heat of the house, my GF was useing a vib and I was masterbating watching her but luckly she orgasumed and I shot just before the door opened and we quickly got back under the covers and pretended that we had just be sorting out a diabetic fit I had ..... her mum belived us because we showed her the suger tester and it was low .... but that test was from the day before lol

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