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    I had the snip four years ago and when i cum there is hardly anything that comes out will sex toys and lube make the orgasms stronger to induce more ejeculation....Horny little devil

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    Thats an interesting question, I doubt it although you may be able to build up the quantity with pressure- i.e. allow yourself to come to the brink, but hold back, build yourself up again and stop and so on untl you can hold it no longer- The pressure may be enough to induce a larger amount of ejaculation.

    In order to help you stop yourself from climaxing there is a method to strengthen that particular muscle. It involves practising when you're peeing, to stop the flow completely then pee again then stop. If you do this regularly you will be able to control your orgasm.

    In theory I would imagine the quantity will not increase a lot as surely the snip stops the flow of sperm through your penis which is the main component of sperm?

    hope this helps.

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    In an un-vasectomised man, semen is normally comprised of approximately 95% seminal fluid, and only about 5% sperm.


    So a vasectomy should not be responsible for significantly reducing the amount of ejaculate. I would recommend consulting your physician if you're noticing a significant change in the amount of ejaculate after your vasectomy.

    My personal experience of the ejaculate from a vasectomised man, is that it seems like the volume is significantly reduced when it really isn't, because the semen is runnier and a lot less gloopy than semen with sperm in it. This may be because the sperm coagulate when they die, protecting the live sperm in the centre of the gloop. Without the gloop, the runnier semen does indeed seem reduced in volume when it actually isn't.

    If you're concerned, please do get checked out by your doctor. Good luck. :)

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    Lack of man candy can be something as simple as dehydration. As Lubyanka said the bulk of cum is semina fluid which is nearly all water. Drink loads of water every day, after a few weeks you should start to fill the tanks, vitamins & minerals should help too.

    Try stopping on the brink as much as you can, this will amplify the eruption when it does happen. Those pelvic squeezes builds up this muscle.

    If you ejaculate more than a couple of times a week then there won't be that much anyway. Holster your gun for a week & give it another last when your tanks are topped off.

    All the points should help for a better 'money shot'... unless there is something medically wrong!

    Don't judge your load against porn films as they often have fake cum shots!

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    when i was done (god it sound like im a stray dog) the doc told me to masterbate as soon as i felt comfortable and to have sex as soon as possible (he also done it key hole) it is possible that the quantity isnt quite the same and to begin with my sex drive took a bash but that was psycological and with a couple of slaps from the wife its back at where it used to be.

    another note is it seems to take longer for me to cum, im not boasting but could manage 30 minutes of hard sex before and sometimes now we go for an hour at least after foreplay. also again mind tricks it doesnt seem quite as important to that i cum any more, for me its all about having a good time and i love to see my wife orgasm especially multipul ones where she cant stop.

    Another thing my wife has commented on is i taste diffrent when i cum now not better not worse just diffrent

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