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  1. A little bit of assitance... He has no fantasys

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    Right.... get the akward Hey im news out of the way too but, Im engaged to my male partner or skivvy, what ever you want to call him, BUTTTT he has zero fantasys, turn ons or things he likes... i believe he is broken. Now i'm the boob obsessed one so my main fetish is out of the way with him being well boobless XD! but hes to gently im not used to this attitude.. my ex's were not the OMG did i hurt you types.

    Things ive tried range from little toys... cant scare the bugger too much, Corsets n other knickers, even down to the basics of durex play's range. The only thing he'd like to try is a three-some, but he wouldnt do that in a relationship...

    He hates anal, bondage... even light -_-, anything remotely outgoing

    Assistance please i cant live on just cuddles and spooning :L

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    i think he prob does, but thinks you may feel differently towards him if he told you them. nobody does not have a fantasy, or does not get turned on by anything. maybe you need to openly talk about the problem and reassure him that what ever it is, you wont feel differently about it. maybe suggesting that you both do a fantasy for each other?? alot of men think that introducing male anal toys might make them think they are gay and are pretty straight-minded about it, my friends husband is like that.

    have a nice quiet evening, low lighting, maybe some alcohol to releive the tension and help set the mood, maybe introduce a small beginners toy?m

    hope any of this helps! xx

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    We've had several talks, he knows i'll try almost anything about once, as long as nothing touches my feet.

    Hes not very experianced, not that i was his first but ive had a few firsts of his. We've fidgeted about with my bullet, i can guarentee he wouldnt let me near his bum if i had to extract a herd of wild dogs, having a camera up their alot when he was younger seriously put him off it.

    Thanks anyhoo haha ive already had my turn of the fine ill do it my way's :) x

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    Spring it on him, don't discuss, when you get a chance, the next time you get home before him, get the candles out,a bottle of wine, dress up sexy and wait for him on the dining room table............


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    Why not take the lead gently do what you want without discussing, he may enjoy it

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    Or try planting seeds.. put ideas into his head and let them grow. If they don't then you can't change him.. it's just who he is. I like gunther's comment thgouh.. take the lead! Discussing can be embarassing or ruin the moment.. just let things flow :) good luck x

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    i used to have the same proplem kinda still do with my OH she told me she had no fantasies (still dosnt) and i had to wait almost a year before she told me shes like a policeman uniform but thats all i got from her, good ways to start him thinking is either

    • let him browse on here for something he might like
    • try some of the most common male fantasys see if he enjoys them etc

    the most obvious answer to this is that he will have a turn on or fantasy but he properly dosnt know it yet

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    You have a man that gives you cuddles, that is never a bad thing. Talk to him about your concerns but don't pressure him, if he feels forced to do something then he isn't going to enjoy it and that will only make matters worse.

    Explain to him that trying different things is important to you and that you're eager for him to enjoy fantasies the way you do. Ask him if he can come up with a starting point that he feels comfortable with, once the initial resistance is eased then I'm sure he will be more accommodating to future proposals.

    If his vanilla ways are the only issue and his sexdrive is otherwise fine then perhaps introducing him to erotic fiction or even asking him to browse somewhere like Lovehoney could spark his interest in trying new things. There are many members here that now enjoy things they had never imagined trying before. Just remember that what might seem natural to you could be a huge step for him so take it slow.

    Instead of just using your vibes on him, you should also consider getting him a male orientated toy such as a stoker and seeing how he likes it.

    As for your boob fetish, you could always get yourself a set of these:


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    Hey guys.. this thing didnt email me to tell me i had a single reply -_- either that or my iq's slipped under the rader.

    Its all been spoken about, he just doesnt really think about it and a few gross tales have put him off loads (can see why hearing them lol) i always do take the lead, think hes just shy really (his x was a lights off shirt on covers up to my ears chick and im the we may be sitting on your car bonnet and its p'ssing down but why not type)...

    KinkyGent, I'd love him if it fell off along with his hands :L! it was kind of a lil jokey statement lol

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    Satoshi, The boob things loaded and i giggled like a maddy... at a bus stop... alone! I'd prefer them hooked on to some one would be one of those at a party down someones shirt things in my house, Sorry if that offends you if you genuinely like them i just have the scent of latex and a headless torso in my bed mafia style lol x

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