1. Things to do with your OH while they're tied up

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    Jess_cd wrote:

    You could try restraining her wrists with your hands to start, hiolding both her wrists pinned above her head. I find that's a good way to test the waters.

    Yes... or perhaps vice versa! Over the weekend, when we played with the tickler, flogger and whip that I've just bought, my wife seemed very keen on chasing me around the bedroom and administering the discipline herself. She was certainly giggling like mad (as was I).

    As I mentioned in my thread in the Lingerie & Clothing section, whilst browsing the LH site yesterday evening, I stumbled across a book called The Mistress Manual:


    Its sub-title is "The good girl's guide to sexual dominance". This sounds perfect for my wife! I've just ordered it, anyway.

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    My oh has always joked about leaving me handcuffed then leaving the house, so handcuffs are off the agenda, a nice restraint system is great fun though.

    How about drinking a hot drink prior to tieing the oh up, then perform oral on her while she is tied up the sensation is quiet arousing(so I'm told), it also works well for me if my oh has had a hot drink then performs oral while I'm tied up as well.

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