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  1. How old are you and is your sex life improving with age? - Part 2

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    In a stable equilibrium now. No changes wanted/required under any circumstances ;)

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    Our sex life was good, but since having a conversation recently it's been explosive! I think people sex lives much become better with age because they are able to feel more comfortable with themselves. When you're young, you feel so paranoid that you're disgusting! I certainly did, until I actually spoke about it with my husband and realised I've got nothing to be ashamed about, and he finds me incredibly attractive, even his work friends talk about me! Which is a bit embarrassing, but gave me the much needed confidence boost. Soon after that I decided to get the confidence to the different things, I looked around the usual high street sex shops but didn't really thing much of them. Then I found LH. It's been amazing for our sex life! And I'm more enclined to buy from LH now knowing the backstory how they started out as a small business and built up. I also think its amazing they have this forum and unlimited support from staff and other forum users. I love that they have testers and send products out, it's like a reward for being loyal but also good for their business. Most importantly, this forum has made me open my eyes about sex, and each and every single person on this forum has given my sex life such a boost, and has helped me accept that sex isn't taboo. Me and my husband have been together 8 year, and I can now gladly say that our sex life is amaing!!! Thanks to LH!

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    My sex is improving 'by the girlfriend'.
    Sure hope this one stays ;).

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