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  1. Sex favour for female friend

    ladysc [sign in to see picture]
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    Me and a friend were chatting the other day and we got onto the discussion of squirting. She said that she's never squirted but would really like to, we'd had a couple of drinks and she was hinting seriously that she wouldn't mind me showing her how to squirt by playing with her. I was taken a back by this request and played on the thought that she was only joking !!

    We are getting together again this weekend and I am curious and seriously considering taking her up on the idea, I quite fancy the idea of playing with her and teaching her to squirt, (I think it's almost a power thing !!), plus she could then return the favour as a friend !!

    Have you ever had any requests from friends that you've carried out, any posts would be appreciated, need some positive vibes for tonight !!

    naughtynaughtysarah [sign in to see picture]
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    Hmmm I have never carried out such requests but if your both up for it and know this could change the dynamics of your relationship then why not?

    Only you know if its something you would like to do, if I had the same opportunity would I do it?..... Probably but I am horny bitch lol.

    Cuddly Hubby [sign in to see picture]
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    The closest that I've had to this sort of request was from a female friend who confided that she was having submissive fantasies and wanted me to create some scenarios for her to follow.

    At first, I was rather taken aback (our relationship is entirely platonic) but, after a while, it struck me that it wasn't so different from me, say, writing a bit of erotic fiction. The ground rule that made me comfortable was that we agreed that it wouldn't be interactive (not by chat/text etc) -- instead, I would just e-mail her some ideas which she could use as she pleased. Later, she replied to say, simply, that I'd done a good job.

    Sorry -- that's probably not comparable, but perhaps it illustrates that things can work out okay between friends as long as the ground rules are right.

    Linzi322 [sign in to see picture]
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    I confided in a male friend that a man had never made me cum, and he offered to have a go.

    I declined, because he was getting MEGA cocky about it, and frankly I wish I'd never told him because he likes to think he can hold it over me as something I wouldn't like to made publicly known.

    I agree though, it probably would change the dynamic of your friendship; I know for a lot of women orgasming is very personal and involves a lot of trust and relaxation (probably why I've struggled). Also, to state the obvious, it's probably not a good idea unless you're single / in an open relationship

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