1. sex with the boss

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    It's been a while I have been thinking about this... and I deffo wanna sex him. He is slightly younger than me, about 25... but he has a serious relationship with a girl, and it looks like they will get married soon.

    My fantasy of having sex with the boss involves role playing during which I am the boss and he is my slave...

    We do have loads in common with the boss: studies, mentality, romantism, etc... but I think that what I experience is simply one of my sex fantasies, as it comes and goes. I would not abandon my man to run away with the boss. My man provides stability that my boss would not be able to provide.

    Anyone with similar experiences? ... And did you eventually have sex with the boss?

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    I think it's pretty common to kind of want what you're not always supposed to have. I have found myself thinking of a boss befor, also fantasies over lecturers in my student days. Would never have gone there though, to much to risk... fantasies are much safer lol

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    lol. omg if you saw my boss you defo wouldnt want to

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    My old boss and I flirted all the time at work (still do a bit!) and I admit sometimes I really wanted to sleep with him. I never did though.

    I think it was/is because we get on so well and he makes me feel very sexy and good about myself with all the compliments. Not too mention him telling me in great detail what he wanted to do to me !

    I am in a committed relationship though and love my OH dearly - so I know I would never cheat on him.

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    Why have I never had a sexy boss ????????

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    I've only worked for a female boss on one occasion and, whilst she was possibly the best manager that I've ever had, she wasn't ever the subject of any inappropriate thoughts from me.

    Also, I've managed female members of staff several times and, likewise, nothing occurred which shouldn't have (either in reality or in my head). Of course, that didn't stop a few office stirrers from spreading malicious rumours simply on the basis that I got on well with them (in the same way that I generally got on well with male members of staff, as it happens).

    I don't deny that there's plenty of fuel for the imagination in the power relationship between a boss and a staff member, but I suspect that this is best kept in the realm of the imagination and creative roleplay*. I doubt that the reality could ever match up and, even if it did, the complications could be enormous.

    * Now that I think about it, I'm fancying a bit of creative roleplay in that department. I wonder where my wife has hidden her secretary outfit. "Take a memo, Miss Jones!".

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    I always seem to be one to throw caution to the wind...

    I've worked with my boss for a little short of a year and from near enough the beginning of us working together there was always some sort of attraction. Over time we got closer to each other, both in a professional capacity and on a friendship level.

    Things came to a head not long before Christmas when I popped by work on my way out to meet friends, I wasn't dressed up to the nines but I had made some effort. Our texts suddenly became a little naughtier and not long after we slept together.

    We don't directly work together anymore (it has nothing to do with what happened between us) but still see each other at work.... and out of work.

    I think it works pretty well as we're not directly involved with each other at work and when we have to be professional its not an issue. There is still flirty banter between us when others are around but nobody would ever suspect anything because I have a flirty personality anyway.

    I know it won't last forever, these things never do, but for now I'm loving it! The teasing, the risk of it all, the lusting after one another and importantly the sex are all great.... and sleeping with my boss, well I can cross that off my bucket list!

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