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  1. Turned on whilst shopping!

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    Hi, this may seem a little random but; -

    I have only been on this site over the past couple of days so am relatively new to it all- And if I'm completely honest, it has opened my eyes to alot of things?!!

    Just reading through the various posts, getting turned on etc, I have learnt is quite normal.

    It is when, after reading those very posts, I go shopping, looking at people in the supermarket thinking whether they too could be a memeber of this (or similar) site/s!

    As soon as someone attractive walks by, and lets face it, with one of the biggest supermarkets in Europe, I see quite a few tasty women!!!- My mind starts wandering, thinking what they could have on them or what they get up to etc...

    Anyway, I was quite enjoying my time whilst shopping, nearly forgot what I was doing whilst in dreamland!

    Oh the thought!!!!

    Happy shopping!

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