1. Orgasmic Massage?

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    I was just wondering if it was possible for a female (or male I guess!) to have an orgasm from receiving a standard massage.

    What are your experiences with this?

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    My gf and I like giving each other massages, that generally end up being erotic. It doesn't always end up going all the way, but when we make each other orgasm it's developed into foreplay rather than still being a massage.


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    it feels so erotic just like the feeling of an orgasm just about to happe n if it's done right

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    when my OH rubs just under my shoulder blades with his thumbs, applying just the right pressure, i honestly feel like i am about to cum.

    best done with some slippery oil!

    I have terrible eczema, so this is something i indulge in as much as i can get away with :p xxx

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    My oartner only has to hit the spot at the base of my neck and I go very weak at the knees...his habit of doing it while we are out shopping drives me insane ..thank fully never orgasmed while he does it yet...that would make for an interesting wait at the checkout one day lol

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