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  1. Squirting

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    If you're looking for to teach your fella on how to help you in this, might I lend a blokes advice?

    I know I'm probs preaching to the choir here but you might appreciate a blokes angle if your fella wants to help you squirt.

    During foreplay the first thing I changed when using 2 fingers to get my OH to squirt was hook my fingers "up" towards the clit from the inside to target the soft spongy area. The 2nd thing was to use a fair amount of pressure, so you either need strong fingers when using the "come here" gesture or what worked as well was to keep your fingers still and use the motion of your hand to pull the fingers into the g-spot. Those are the only two instructions I'd recommend for any bloke, pretty simple and you can't go wrong with the technique.

    It'll a few goes as obviously the fella needs to tune-in his technique and if the girl's never squirted before then the sensations take a little getting used to. I simply noticed that she got wetter with each time until she began squirting small amounts and then larger amounts later on.

    Oh, and if you're worried its pee that's on its way out, I could give you a host of reasons why it's not (colour, smell, anatomical&physiological reasons etc) but the list would probably bore you, just trust that it really isn't!

    Again, sorry if I'm preaching to the experts on this but I hope this helps a little if you're looking to instruct your fella!

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    As MTC said in the 2nd post, theres loads of threads regarding this and all very helpful... I love it when my wife squirts and can make her do it on demand as many times as I / She likes, its brilliant and such a turn on for both of us and I know exactley when she's about to do it which can be very handy

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    never squirted but would love to try xx

    LilMissFrustrated [sign in to see picture]
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    It makes a bloody mess!!! I never really get any warning and the clean up arrrgh! lol

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    I only squirt when playing with Hubby, probably as i don't tend to treat myself to long 'solo' play......and if i am 'soloing' i don't always use toys like the Hitachi which in his hands seems to be one of the toys that gets me 'there'.....

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