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  1. Changing contraception

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    Hey everyone,

    As some of you are likely aware from our other threads, we've unfortunately had an ongoing battle with thrush for what seems like eternity!

    We've tried all sorts to no avail but recently started noticing that the bouts seemed fairly regular, around one week from the end of each packet of Microgynon 30 its then a battle to get rid before the period starts or it escalates.

    Tonight we've got an appointment at the GUM clinic where we were hoping that we'd be able to discuss this and options but thus far we've had a varying amount of success/interest from the people we've seen.

    The thing is, we know little about the other options (apart from condoms). Ideally one which didn't cause constant bleeding, weight gain, moods or a lack of sex drive would be perfect but thats probably asking the world and just getting rid of the thrush would be a bonus.

    The implant had a lot of bad press recently and doing a lot of sport isn't ideal. Does anyone use the injection and if so do you find that its needed at akward times (like on holiday?). Any experience of changing from Microgynon 30 to anything else would be interesting (acception that of course this isn't medical advice just one persons experience!).

    Thanks in advance (sorry for the boring topic).

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    Thanks Hella and deprovera sounds horrendous (it makes you wonder sometimes, playing with hormones).

    It looks like Yasmin was released with lots of dubiously supported advertising that has since been withdrawn so its interesting to note your friend supporting its claims (as the manufacturers still do!).

    This took a bit of finding after seeing it linked elsewhere but is worth a read:


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    I had Implanon for several years and was very happy with it - no side effects and actually stopped my periods which I was pleased about. However, I found that GP surgeries don't often provide it so could only get it inserted/removed/replaced at the GUM clinic. Several times I had to put up with an 8-week waiting list, which I found unacceptable and didn't like being so out of control. I had it removed and switched to Cezarette which, like Implanon, is progresterone-only. Just like Implanon I found it stops my periods and I have no side effects - I just need to remember to take it every day.

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    I've been through loads of contraceptive methods including the Depo injection and 4 different kinds of pill, and Depo has been best for me.

    Obviously it all depends on your own body, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other. Hella mentioned the Celeste pill working for her, but that sent my body haywire after Microgynon - just like the Depo did for her.

    If anything, I find the injection even more convenient. I don't have any side effects apart from some odd spotting around the middle of the second month, (and that usually lasts for about 2 days). I have considered the Implant too...

    If you're going on holiday, you can take a Depo a week early - but it's worth talking to a professional at the GUM clinic about that.


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    Lovehoney - Gem wrote:

    If you're going on holiday, you can take a Depo a week early - but it's worth talking to a professional at the GUM clinic about that.


    Hmmm we're sometimes away for around 3-weeks to a month so this mightn't be an option, worth discussing anyway.

    It does seem to be a lottery as to how contraceptive pills behave with different people (again unsurprising probably as its to do with hormones) and it seems for every success story you read, theres another with some horrendous side effect.

    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    The contraceptive pill is most certainly not just one type of pill in a one size fits all. There are loads out there for different people to take. Your GP may know best which contraceptive pill to put you on to next if you feel the Microgynon isn't working.

    The GPs we've seen thus far have been utterly useless ranging from simply stating "some people get thrush more than others", not having heard of acidophilus and the worst; insisting a cyst was an STI (which it wasn't), that one spent most of the time inferring one of us had been cheating which didn't go down well.

    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    I'm not sure if I have come across Microgynon being a cause for thrush, but it doesn't mean rule it out. It is, by all means, possible. Even just catching a cold may give you thrush.

    We've read other people suffering from various combined pills and thrush. Its the cyclic nature of when it appears thats leading us to believe its hormone related but TBH we've got nothing else to try currently.

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    I've been through lots of different kinds of contraception, currently on Implanon, it took a while to settle down. Only get the odd period and spotting with it, can't really complain with that! I've been on lots of different pills and the Depo jag. The worst for me was the jag, nightmare! It's just a case of finding what works for you and giving it time to settle down.

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    I'm currently on Implanon, and have found it to be great. The first three months were a bit dodgy, but I have crazy hormones anyway.

    I was on Microgynon for a while (to regulate my periods) and I absolutely ballooned. I went up to a size 16 in a matter of months with no change to my diet or exercise regime. I switched to Cileste, and felt horribly sick every day and, in the words of my lovely brother, "turned into the biggest bitch the world has ever known". So that was me off the Pill.

    My friend used to have the Patch, and although it seemed to work okay for her, you have to keep it stuck to youfor a week, and the adhesive on hers NEVER lasted. I'm still slightly traumatised by having to help Sellotape a contraceptive to my best mate's arsecheek. Some things cannot be unseen. I don't know if they've improved now, but if they haven't then I'd consider the logistics of Patchy goodness.

    I'm afraid I can't help on the Depo stuff, seeing as I've never had it and none of my friends ever have. I hope you get your thrush problems sorted out soon!

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    well, we were convinced to pop back at a different point so they can test and find out exactly which type of thrush it is causing the problem. The GUM clinic tonight seemed a lot better and a lot more understanding than the other in town and the GPs we've seen...

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    There are so many different types of contraception.


    The problem with hormonal methods is they're all pretty much the same stuff so can have similar, slightly unpredictable side effects but often the side effects vary and there are *soo* many different types you can just systematically try all the variants of each type (I've been told I've now tried every type of combined pill available trying to find side effects I don't mind!) to find one you like. They tend to be very effective and can be really easy to use.

    The combined pill gives the benefit of control - some methods can lead to loss of periods for some women and some women continue having periods. The benefit of the pill is that if you're due a period at an inconvenient time you can just run two packets together fairly easily. There are loads of different pills to try and you can also try the mini-pills available which have lower doses and are less likely to give side effects - lots of choice there!

    If you don't need that control and you're happy to risk your periods becoming a little unreliable for a time before settling down then you can switch to some of the other methods.

    The implant is very popular at the minute - it's hormonal based but it's a steady dose of hormones rather than taking a dip every month. Many women stop having periods but not all and it lasts for 3 years. It's fairly effective and you don't have to worry about remembering to get anything done.

    There's patches - these can be a little unreliable as they can be lost easily and you have to remember to change them once a week but they're very reliable. These are also hormonal.

    You can try the injection but again, you have to remember to get jabbed once every 3 months which can be a little inconvenient. Also - once it's in, unlike the other methods, it can't be removed so any nasty side effects will stick around for 3 months.

    There's also a vaginal ring - inserted for 21 days before removal and releases hormones

    Non hormonal

    Obviously there are condoms and femidoms - reliable if used effectively but a big pain - if you're in a long term, monogamous relationship and have both been tested then it's not something many people like using.

    And then there's caps and diaphragms which can be a bit messy (as you often use them alongside a spermicide) and you need to prepare in advance and leave it in for several hours afterwards which can be a pain.

    IUD - a small device which is placed in the womb and releases copper - long lasting and is non hormonal so a good option. It can be uncomfortable to insert so it's often offered to women who've already had children but women who haven't can have it too.

    There's loads of information here for you to read through: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/contraception/Pages/Introduction.aspx

    What I will say is doctors often offer the cheapest option first (Microgynon 30 combined pill) before trying different options but most will be pretty happy to discuss the options with you, talk to you about what they think is best, give you some leaflets and give you the opportunity to make a decision. They should consider what you need from your contraception and be happy to try a few with you to help you find the best for your circumstances. Don't be afraid to explore the options and switch and change a bit before you settle (although obviously some are much easier to switch through than others).

    Good luck!


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    Not knowing enough to comment on the various pharmaceutical contraceptives, let me just put in a word for


    They're a little inconvenient (although from the sounds of things, there isn't a single method without its down-side), but make sure you always have some to hand. That way if you forget a daily pill, or leave your supply at home when you're away, you can be sure you've got some effective protection available. Also, some pills can be rendered less effective by alcohol or illness, so additional protection is a good idea if you have doubts about your regular method that day.

    If you're switching on and off the courses of contraception, perhaps you won't want to ramp up and down just for a weekend visit - again, condoms probably would cause less hassle overall for the relatively small number of times you'll be using them. Unless you're at it like rabbits, in which case just use your usual method.

    They may be annoying, but they can really save your evening.

    Good luck finding something.


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    We've been together ages and have absolutely zero interest in going back to using condoms. We've got other issues surrounding condoms which make it a lot more hassle than usual (although the mysize options are a good start!).

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    I hope you find something that suits you quickly, there is nothing worse than the complications that come from changing your pill.

    I used microgynon for the last 10yrs & constantly suffered with thrush just as you described. I asked my doctor if it was linked & was told no, also lack of sex drive (almost non exsistent), again asked my doctor & was told not to worry about it. I recently started seeing a new doc who changed me to the mini version micronor my periods were rediculous every couple of weeks I was getting a period & was told to give it 6mths to settle down, then my hair started falling out luckily I have very thick hair & the loss didn't show, I also became really hormonal & irrational even considered leaving my husband & kids because I just couldn't cope with day to day life! My doctor seems to have the attitude that it will just pass. I finally gave in & stopped taking it, we decided as we were planning to try for a baby in the new year anyway to just go without & to be honest its the best thing I have ever done. My hair has stopped falling out, im happier than I have been in a long time & my sex drive is through the roof regardless of the baby plans!

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    The bad press for Implanon wasn't totally deserved, have a read of this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jan/08/bad-science-implant-pregnancies

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    My preferred contraception of choice is the coil. There are 2 types, the plastic one with a very very small amount of hormone in it and the copper coil. the plastic one with the minimal amount of hormone in it has initial heavier bleeding (for a month or two), the copper is considerably more. Example. My periods pre-copper coil - about 3.5 days, minimal pain - mostly breast pain. For first 6 months of copper coil - about 6 days, cramps, sore back. Post 6 months copper coil, 4-5 days, no more difficult than pre-coil to be honest. What I like most about the coil is that its a 5 year contraception and it doesn't impact on your monthly cycle (once the first few cycles are past(

    Everyone is different. The plastic coil which has a miminal amount of hormone in it is supposed to be far less problematic than the copper coil, but I'd had problems with the pill in the past and didn't want the hormone version in case it caused the same problem with that type of coil.

    Good luck finding what's right for you.

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    I've tried lots of different types of contraception over the years to find which would suit me best (mini pill, combined pill, patch, vaginal ring, injection and condoms) and definately come to the conclusion that I can't take anything that messes with my hormones.

    I came off the injection almost a year ago (I was on it for about a year) and still not back to normal yet (fluctuating between 18-42 days between periods at the moment) so now just sticking to condoms. I had massive weight gain, felt shattered and sick most of the time and my sex drive pretty much fanished. My friend and my sister went on it at the same time and had similar issues, though my sister is still on it and is fine with it now so I'm not sure if I just had a strong reaction to it.

    I hope you find what's right for you though, and not everyone reacts the same way to contraception so good luck with your search

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    Finally, after lots of hoop jumping and wasted time at various clinics (who not only wanted one test, but two to confirm it was thrush, and then offered the same course of treatment given beforehand) my local GP did the deed and I've switched to Yasmin.

    Fingers crossed...

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    My GF had loads of problems with condoms and the pills, so after the birth of our child she went onto a copper IUD and never had any problems for 5-6 years until she was steralised for medical reasons unrelating.


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    My wife gave me some land..... A couple of achers (gettit lol)

    we used the pill untill we started a family then the coil until we decided we didnt want any more children then I had the snip hence a couple of achers.

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