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  1. Anal sex!!!!!!! But don't want to get embrassed about the mess Tips please

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    Avrielle_Aniko what would we do without you?

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    Very good advice x

    Fluffbags [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with Avrielle (As always she is spot on) Now I dont have a degree in bumology (Yeh I made that up) but I have a suspicion that most solid waste stays slightly further up the canal until that "imminent moment" when you get the urge to go. Unless you are constipated I think it is rare for waste to be sitting that low down in your bowels...again I dont have a degree in bumology I am just speaking from personal anal sex experience. general you should not find yourself in a situation where penetration leaves a drastic mess, the penis being coated or worse. However...

    Occasionally you can and will notice exactly what Avrielle described, trace, or small amounts. Bare in mind you often need plenty of lube for anal and this watery sliquid can mix in with any trace amounts of waste inside and cause what avrielle described. You can lower this risk with enemas or douching but the risk is always there, its the bum, its what the bum does, and I guess we all like to push those thoughts away and pretend it not to but if anyone is wanting to go into your bottom they should be prepared for seeing maybe a trace amount. If they look disgusted ask them why in the heck they wanted to go there in the first place, no one said sex , esp anal sex, was risk free hehe but anyway I digress,

    Did you know, even in porn "little accidents" happen, of course you rarely see it, they only make it to the blooper reel but its true,

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    Is it best to use a condom ?

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