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  1. Relationship back on track

    Destiny404 [sign in to see picture]
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    Me and my other half have been together for nearly 2 years now, and i fell pregnant quickly. I had a traumatic pregnancy and birth, which caused problems in our relationship. We have split up several times and in this time i have realised exactly how i feel about him. He is just in the process of deciding whether we should try again, and i really want to woo him. He loves making love and i have neglected him recently. Does anyone have any ideas that could help to show him, just how much i love him and that i enjoy making love with him too. With a young baby, its not practical to go away to a hotel or anything like that, so it has to be at home. Ive got the sexy outfit covered, just need some fresh ideas to get his pulse racing... Thanks xx

    matyhaty [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Destiny

    If you want to show your love and devotion, for me its more than a momentary thing.

    So here are some suggestions:
    - Be his for an entire evening. Do everything for him.
    - Dress in what you know he likes all evening
    - Cook what he likes toeat
    - Sexually please him
    - After a massage
    - After more sex, but the all the position he likes the most
    - After a drink made for him
    - After - whatever he wants etc etc. He might not say, he might feel guilty. If so, continue to do nice things for him.

    Make sure he doesnt move a muscle but recieves everything.
    During the day before, let him know what he is getting. A pure evening of you giving yourself to him.
    So if he likes pictures of you popping up on his phone, then do it - every hour (prepare)

    This might sound sexist, but it isnt. Its a treat, something special. Make it last more than a moment....

    In regards to toys etc, unless you knwo something which he has always wanted to try - i would keep away, and make it about you - and you giving yourself to him - rather than a new sensation....

    Remember its more than likely the more you do, the more you will recieve in the times ahead. (Dont expect it tho, it should be a natural give and take)

    Wishing you the very best of luck

    eloquentdeviant [sign in to see picture]
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    My opinion is a mixture of both the posts above.

    Text him cute silly little things that you know will make him smile that remind you both of why you got together. No mention of the baby as it is about the two of you.

    Make an effort to have something nice for him for dinner, or his favourite drink or whatever.

    TV, phones, laptops etc OFF. Maybe some music that has happy memories for you both?

    I would then just focus on him for the whole evening, but let him do what he wants to you too! A long, passionate kiss can be great for reconnecting, especially if you have the sexy outfit all ready for him. Not going straight for penetrative sex and spending lots of time on doing something he likes, oral or massage might be nice to help him relax?

    Just try and recreate how it used to be for you both before the hard time you are going through now got so tough. Has worked for me before anyway ;)

    Good luck, hope all goes well for you

    ED xx

    Destiny404 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for your advice guys! xx

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