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    Hello :) I'm new, but thought as I had a general sex/toy-ish query that I'd make a post in this forum rather than the 'introduce yourself' one...

    I'm trying to overcome my embarrassment at talking about sex stuff, so bear with me! Rest assured I'm blushing as I type, welp. (And probably will sit here with this written out for hours before working up the courage to post it ).

    I've never had a g-spot orgasm, haven't had a lot of sex by anyone's standards, and only focus on my clit when masturbating. The couple of times I've tried putting fingers in myself has just ended up being a massive mood-killer, it's felt vaguely clinical and awkwardly-angled and totally unsexy. I have, however, enjoyed it when it's been someone else, so I think I'm just not hitting the right place? Maybe? The times I tried myself I did give up after about twenty seconds of "wow, really not good, abooooort mission."

    ANYWAY, I'm considering buying some sort of g-spot stimulator to experiment a little, but have never used a toy before .The choice here is quite overwhelming and intimidating, so I was hoping that I could get some advice on something suitable?

    Or is it just a bad idea to purchase something like that when I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing?

    Sorry this is so long, and/or if the post is in the wrong place (should it be in the toys forum??? so much pressure), or if it's TMI, or if it's a stupid question, or for any other noob errors I may have made :x feel free to point me in the right direction if so. /anxiety

    - Z

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    We've owned various G-Spot vibrators in the past and have found that both the rabbit types (such as http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15336 ) and the "normal" types (we have an earlier version of http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=18122 ) are fairly good at doing the job.

    The one thing I will say is that my wife seems to find it far easier to have a G-Spot orgasm if she is "warmed up" first - take your self to the edge of orgasm (but don't actually have one!) a few times, then try massaging your G-Spot. We found out the other day that if she has a very low vibration on her clit for long enough, just the act of us having sex in a position where my penis is touching her G-Spot is enough to induce orgasm.

    Some of the best advice I've seen is "relax into it and don't worry if it doesn't happen" - we've taken this approach a number of times and the results have been well worth it!

    Hope that's of some help, obviously I'm missing the various parts of anatomy which make telling you first hand possible (although I often wonder what it would be like!) so I could be wrong on some things!

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    I'm quite similar to you. I rarely, and I mean rarely, have a Gspot orgasm. And like yourself I really dont like putting my fingers into myself. For one, its a very awkward position which doesnt make for fun sexy masturbation. I certainly wouldnt want my OH to see me in that position. Secondly, I have very small hands so its just so much effort to get there that I cant really enjoy the sensation.

    I do have a Gspot toy (Lovehoney Super7 Smoothie Silicone Vibrator I got this one because its pink and girly and not solid plastic which freaks the crap out of me) and its fun. I like the sensation but it doesnt bring me to orgasm and I usually just get frustrated and switch to clit stimulation. I mostly got it cause the OH thought it would be sexy. Its fun but not enough for me. I think that I just dont get Gspot orgasms easily and I've kinda resigned to that. It disappoints my OH cause he wants me to be having them all the time.

    I totally agree with MrBumpyBear. The times that I do get Gspot orgasms are right after intense sex - the kind of fast and rough kind. We just dont bother trying it at the start. I think its more fun after the sex anyway. Its something you really have to build to.

    I've only recently gotten into sex toys. What I did when I was starting out was just look around on LH and pick whatever got me all excited and hyper. A lot of my choices are based on whats cute or girly just cause thats what I get excited about. Just look around and something will strike you. Plus LH has a free returns, no questions policy so if you dont like it send it back and you get to enjoy shopping again!

    My best advice is just experiment and even talk it out with your OH. It really helps to talk it out and work on it together. Plus he will go crazy with the idea of you masturbating and will be more than happy to help in any way he can

    Sorry if that was all very long winded. I hope I've helped a tiny bit.

    Good luck with it!


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    Hi Justaceiling

    Welcome to the forum! We're nice people & only bite if asked very nicely - please don't worry about talking here :)

    You've had some fab advice already but I'd like to add that I get nothing from G-Spot stimulation unless I'm really turned on already. G-Spot stimulation too soon leaves me cold I have to be on the verge of a clitoral orgasm or have already had one.

    A toy makes it a lot easier to reach the right place because unless you're a yogic master it's pretty awkward to reach.

    I have this toy & really like it http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16030

    With any G-Spot play I'd recommend using some lube - it just makes everything a lot more comfortable.

    Good luck with it

    CCW x

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