1. women who enjoy giving straight men anal

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    Thi is sometging i would like to try. It's certainly oe of my top fantasies. But, as i'm currently single, and see no signs of that hanging in the near future, i'll have to stick to the toys! Although i'm far too lazy to do use them properly and truly oger myself silly!

    By the way kinky, nice arse mate!

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    Hi Bfox, how are you doing, how are your exploits and adventures.

    Thanks btw, lol.

    PS i see u got your order from LH that we were talking about a while back, nice pics. Looks like you had a good time. Nice one mate.

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    I was asked a few years back. Was really nervous, but together we explored some fun things, and yes it was goooooood.

    Live and let live

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    Hi there

    I've just bought an anal probe, and I love it, also discussed with the wife and we are getting strap on, I want to submit to her, love the idea of her being in control

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    I think it's just something a lot of men (not generally on here as you're mainly quite open) are nervous about and I think that boosting confidence thread is amazing. I never have done it and before my current boyfriend I was completely against the idea of anal play for him. But we had one night, one drunken night, where he asked me to play. We were a bit too drunk and I didn't really know what I was doing ha so it wasn't successful but oh my goodness I have not stopped thinking about it since. It's highly erotic for me to think he could trust me to do something so intimate nevermind actually want me to. I'm being nothing but patient and waiting for that time when he feels ready to try again. Who knows if we'll get to pegging one day. Personally, it is always a turn on to have the OH suggest something I hadn't thought of or didn't already want to do.

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    it is one of my fantasies but sadly it will never happen

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    Black_Magic wrote:

    I was surprised when my boyfriend said that he liked to he aroused there. When I give him a blow job I like to massage the area between his balls and anus ( I know there is a name for it.).


    One of my favourites parts of the body, but so overlooked.

    Love having mine massaged and licked, and love doing the same back.

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    I would be happy for my wife to give it to me up my bum and fist me too just need to get a double ended strap on.

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    My wife doesn't mind fucking my arse. It was one of my biggest fantasies since my early teens and she happily obliges me.

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    Ex G/F really liked anal sex on her, but I chickened early in the relationship when she started to finger me (she said "Oh since you went to public school I thought you'd be into all that"). Well, I might have been curious, but it was VERY early in the relationship and I was worried about both farting and possibly shitting myself. I think she over-compensated and never tried again. We never got to slightly unwilling power exchange.

    Current G/F and I are both curious, and tempted, but have found our early experiments, with fingers or vibes, more painful than arousing, depite copious use of anal lubrication.

    Open to helpful ideas!

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