1. Sex drive during pregnancy

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    This is aimed at women who have been pregnant really or guys whos OH is/has been

    what happens to the sex drive in most cases? i know everyone is different but my wife doesnt seem interested at all, whenever its brought up she doesnt seem interested at all, im not sure what it is? I would have thought she still needed that "feeling" so ive even done just oral for her but i kind of feel she doesnt really want to do that at the minute..

    Im not pressuring at all, i just wondered on other peoples experiences during pregnancy and to see if i just need to put it out of my mind for a few months?

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    Everybody is obviously different, but in my experience, my drive went through the roof during my three pregnancies!!! Take note however that your wife may be worrying that sex could harm the baby...which obviously it can't, but pregnancy is a funny thing, you're growing this person and you are so protective of it!

    Also, if she has any morning sickness that does not make you feel like sex or sexy at all! It could be her changing body that is also putting her off or I know in my best friends experience she said it felt wrong as though the baby was involved.....which is irrational but pregnancy does tend to bring out crazy thoughts!!!

    Just give her time, lots of compliments, kiss her, tell her you love her and just go with the flow.....generally when second trimester hits the "glow" hits and you get lots of pregnancy energy and horny feelings explode!!!

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    jjmmjj, as well as saying every woman is different, every pregnancy is different too. With my first I felt so lousy and sick the whole time, sex was the last thing on my mind, however, with my second my libido went crazy, my OH couldn´t keep up.

    I think you are doing the best thing by letting her have a bit of space.

    Oh, and congratulations !!!

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    Thanks both of you for the advice, i know its nothing to worry about really, i just wanted a womans opinion really..

    Im obviously not going to put any pressure on her i never would, ... you dont realise how much you really, really miss sex though until you dont have it for a while.. (bad mans view i know)

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    You're welcome.....and it's not a bad mans view, it's just how you feel...you obviously want your wife and want the intimacy that sex brings, just for now though it's lovely that you realise that maybe it's not what she wants or needs....could you not try masturbating while she kisses you or watches you if she's happy to get involved in that?!

    Just talk to her and let her know, there's no pressure but that you miss making love to her!

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    Unless my other half had a particular fetish for puke, sex was deinitely off the radar for the first few months of my pregnancies! During second tri, I had more fun but when I was a giant whale in third tri it was more difficult, but we had quite a bit of fun giggling about how difficult it was to get into any kind of position of comfort. Relax and talk to her - she will probably feel loads better if you tell her there is no pressure and that you could try and stop if she felt uncomfortable. xx

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    During the middle period, 3-6 months, my OH was very up to it. Then it slowed down and now that baby is here, it's non existant, but we've got a wonderfull 3.5 month old baby boy. It will come back, I am told

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    I m not pregnant, but close friend is and we do talk about it. She is currently going through a period when its rather hard for her to get aroused and get wet in her second trimester. Plus she is not feeling completely all right, getting sometimes sick. But other women can be the oposite. It really does depend on woman and the pregnancy. Even without worrying about the baby, the woman may find she is not interested in sex, as she once used to be. You may need lot of patience, gentle kisses, maybe offer her a massage etc. to see if it helps to get her in the mood. if not, I am sure she would enjoy the massage anyway.

    good luck and congrats.

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    During her first pregnancy my OH felt very sexy after the first 3 months. During the other pregnancies not such a big effect.

    A long time ago I had a pregant girl friend who found that even sitting on a bus was unbearably stimulating. I remember sitting in the back seat of the bus and quietly fingering her clit so she could have some relief. Sho would have been in her 5th month then.

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    Everyone is different. My sex drive was insatiable during the first 6 months, though it tapered off after that. My friend was pregnant at the same time though and she didn't want anyone going near her. It's difficult, but just be patient and things will pick up.

    Congratulations by the way, and good luck with everything!

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