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    i have a pretty interesting sex life and i'd like folk to answer these questions to see how they compare:

    1. have you had a one night stand?

    2. have you had unprotected sex with a stranger?

    3. have you had sex within 5 minutes of meeting someone?

    4. have you had sex in front of others?

    5. have you had group sex?

    6. have you had unprotected anal sex on a one night stand?

    7. have you had your pubes shaved by someone else?

    8. have you been filmed/photographed having sex?

    9. have you had sex with more than 3 people in one day?

    10. have you had sex with someone whose name you did not know?

    11. have you had sex with someone you couldn't see (dark, blinfold, etc)

    12. have you paid/ben paid for sex?

    13. have you had sexe with more than 100 people?

    14 have you had sex with a member of the same sex?

    15. have you had group sex without condoms?

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