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  1. too many sex partners?

    smirnoff09 [sign in to see picture]
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    I read this in disbelief then remembered the number of people i have worked over the years with who took various risks with their sexual health..I have to say there is not one of them whom I worked with who did not end up regretting their actions at some point....

    For your own sake and everyone other person you have sex with BAG IT!!

    man of pleasure [sign in to see picture]
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    well having read most of your other threads barefun you do seem to have a big ego and love yourself to bits but to be honest your attitude to safe sex is poor, i have a feeling if you carry on with your disregard to good advice from great people on this site you will eventually come a cropper sooner rather than later which is sad.

    But you know best !!!


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    wow, i was just interested to find out if 200 was a lot of sex partners but i get a lecture about condoms! seems i misjudged this forum. i thought we were adults. i enjoy bareback sex and so do lots of girls. its our choice

    Big Dickie [sign in to see picture]
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    How stupid ive never heard such rubbish. If im cut i wont get an STI complete rubbish.

    You can pre ejaculate can get a girl pregant and not even know you have done it !!!!

    sharry [sign in to see picture]
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    barefun wrote:

    wow, i was just interested to find out if 200 was a lot of sex partners but i get a lecture about condoms! seems i misjudged this forum. i thought we were adults. i enjoy bareback sex and so do lots of girls. its our choice

    As everyone else has said, if you're not trolling then you're are an idiot... no two ways about it. The response you've had on this forum is BEACAUSE we are adults, not silly little boys who think that playing fast and loose with your own and other peoples health is something that adults do, they dont!!

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm wondering, how many of these people do you keep in touch with after sleeping with them?

    I know for one, that some people start to worry after having sex without a condom, esp if it happened during a one night stand. They may be ok with it at the time, due to drink or the desire of having sex, but after (maybe a day or two later) they really start to panic.

    I agree with what's already been said, but as well as psychical problems, emotional issues, may be a result of your actions too.

    I thought it'll be a good idea to bring this up, as I have lots of friends who do say yes, and don't use a condom... then days later they are a mess emotionally about it.

    SweetSubmission [sign in to see picture]
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    rose hip wrote:

    Next lesson then

    'Calling troll' is someone's opinion. When done responsibly (which I try to do), it's a heads up to others, suggesting that they look at the behaviour and evaluate it for themselves. If the discussion is getting heated emotionally, it can provide a helpful reframing or even just a long enough pause for people to catch their breath.

    It's not a fact, of course. The poster is free to respond to my thoughts and tell me I'm wrong. So don't assume he is a troll just because I suspect it. Keep an open mind, observe what he does, and remember one of the most important guidelines for using the internet - not everyone is as they present themselves.

    This is a brilliant post. Considered, eloquent, and useful. Reminded me not to get wound up. Thank you.

    I don't like condoms much. I'm sure most people would agree that sex feels better without them. But I think STI's, unwanted pregnancy, and bitter regrets are likely to feel a lot worse than using a condom does.

    SS xx

    jenny325 [sign in to see picture]
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    hey i have to agree with you all on this, i have never heard such uneducated and inconsiderate statement,

    my only concern is for the hundreds of individuals that you may or may not have given sumthing too, and are they aware of ur lifestlye and risks this poses to them!!!!!

    crag630 [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm sorry but if you had really slept with over 200 people and all that stuff and nothing had been protected and you do all you claim then good for you.

    But I have to say it sounds much like a 12 year olds tail of banging half the school!

    Now if no one objects I have to scream !TROLL!

    atlanta [sign in to see picture]
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    Well if you've really had sex with about 200 people, I suppose that's quite a lot for somebody of your age.

    I'm sure if I had had the chance to have sex with 200 people before I was 21, I would have done.

    SDTs are a real issue though and maybe you should be more careful, or at least get a check up to see if you've not caught anything.

    Laveila [sign in to see picture]
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    barefun wrote:

    wow, i was just interested to find out if 200 was a lot of sex partners but i get a lecture about condoms! seems i misjudged this forum. i thought we were adults. i enjoy bareback sex and so do lots of girls. its our choice

    we are very open forum, not scared of sex as a topic and we dont judge, but risking not only your health (your personal problem), but others too, is something we are not too happy about. its fine to have more partners than others, my ex is in open relationship and sleeps with other girls than his gf and I would never judge it. but I know him well enough to know he does uses condoms with them. we respect people have other expectations from sex, but we do value here for sex to be as safe as possible. Slip can happen, but 200 partners without protection, thats a bit too much. not as number, but as risky behaviour.

    frankly, STD are raising, in my country, this year the so far identified number of new HIV possitive is the highest since the monitoring started, syfilis is on rise too, and no, its not only among the people you may want to expect it, like homosexuals, but among everyone, actually it seems its now more among heterosexuals. chlamydia is also a serious problem, which can cause infertility if it goes untreated. so we worry about it, as we want to enjoy fullfiling sexual relationship with our partners. but we do respect them and we do try to make it as safe as possible. condoms are not needed in strickly mongamous relationship, after you both have checks you are clean of all STDs. may be worth checking now and again, just to make sure, but you worry more about pregnancy, if you fully trust your partner.and you can use other means of preventing pregnancy than condoms in monogamous relationship. I would never have a sex with new partner withour condom on, it is not 100% safe, but cuts down the chances a lot still.

    btw. in my country, with this number of partner and the unprotected sex, you would never pass as blood etc. donor, as they would judge you as just too risky to even think about it.

    Chriscamo [sign in to see picture]
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    To be honest I have a freiend who is exactly the same.. throughout my life ive had unprotected sex with a few girls but i was stupid and even without having partners or one night stands i would get a check up every 2 months.. My friend on the other hand exceeds your limit and i know from first hand (used to live with him, then next door) hes had around 300.. hes a tart.. but always uses a condom and is tested regularly.. if you're going to be a tart.. be a safe one.

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