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  1. Sex positions for a lady in a wheelchair

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    I am a 23 year old female who has severe nerve and vein damage I'm my lower left leg and a fixed knee in a bent angle. I have to use a wheelchair to get around and when lying down I can't have anything resting on my lower left leg and I also cannot rest it on anything so I have a cushion under my thigh that lifts my calf of the bed. My right leg is not as flexible as it once was due in part to having to rely on a wheelchair for mobility.

    I am now in a relationship and am wondering about different sexual positions. I am unable to support my weight on my left leg and as it won't bend or straighten I cannot do any positions which require movement. At the moment it is the missionary position with my bf on top however the movement can hurt my leg. We tried him sitting but I was unable to provide any movement up or down or rocking.

    I have looked into a sex swing as then I won't have any pressure on my leg, however they are expensive and I would have to require a stand, I have got the sex swing which goes over a door which we are currently using but only really have one position. Whenever I search online I get articles that are wrote for the male in the wheelchair.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi Coookiez

    Welcome to Lovehoney!

    Is it the weight on your leg that hurts or the friction of him moving against you?

    I don't know a lot about mobility problems but I wonder whether any of the other toys in this section would help: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/sex-toys-for-couples/sex-position-enhancers/

    or this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/sex-toys-for-couples/sex-furniture/

    I particularly wondered if one of the wedge shaped cushions might help you into a more comfortable position.

    Or maybe if your partner is able he could support your weight using one of the doggy-style straps http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=19810 - so that all you need to use your arms/legs for is balance.

    Sorry for rambling - trying to work out what might help :)

    Good luck!

    CCW x

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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

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    HI, and as everyone else has said welcome!

    I was involved in a bad car accident a few years ago which smashed up my left leg fairly badly. It took a long time to sort out and as a result I spent the best part of a year with an Illizarov frame supporting the broken bits. If you're not familiar with these; they look like a cage, they're massive, heavy and don't bend well. Nor is it a good idea to put weight on them from the side etc.

    Obviously, this impacted our sex life somewhat as to sleep I needed to put my leg on cushions (so I didn't end up with a foot the size of the incredible hulk).

    I'd suggest you try spoons with the worst leg on top and a cushion between your legs to keep things comfortable. If this works, try a variation where you lie in a more doggy style arrangement but still on your side, it makes a big difference to sensations!

    Like its been suggested we also bought a liberator set (wedge and ramp), this allowed us to lift things off the bed and then 'him sitting' becomes possible as he'll have room to move.

    Would the:


    be another option? Leaning back so the weight is on your arms, and him?

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    Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. Thank you for your posts and welcomes :)

    Update on the sex swing for the door - the position is nice but i do not have the strength in my arms to be able to support myself and to provide an up and down motion. I think this is where the sex swing and stand might be able to help as they seem to have a spring.

    CurlyCoupleWife - Thanks for you reply. In terms of the doggy stap I would be unable to kneel or support myself on my left leg. The wedge shaped cushion is an idea, at the moment we use pillows to raise me up.

    Fizzy - thank you for the welcome

    sxe_couple21 - thank you for your reply I hope that your leg has healed and there isnt any lasting issues. The spoons position confuses me as I do not have the strength to keep my bad leg in the air so it would need some sort of support other than my hands but I cannot have the calf or shin resting on anything. The chair looks interesting although as I have a fixed degree of flextion in my left knee the positions may be limited but it is cheaper than the sex swing and potentially could be made at home.

    Camilla - thank you for your reply I hope that your ankle has healed fully. Unfortunately the second position you mention wouldn't work as I couldnt have anything resting on my knee but it is a position me and my boyfriend will experiment with. Unfortunately the current consenscious of doctors is this will be a perminant issue with my left leg. I have asked to have the left leg removed but unfortunately part of one of the conditions I have means that wounds often do not heal. Thus the risk of an amputation not healing is too great and the disadvantages outway the advantages. So I have to learn to accept my limitations and focus on my abilities which is easier said than done.

    Not sure if there is this but I was wondering if anyone knew of a charity or something similar that might help with the cost of sexual aids for disabled people?

    Once again thank you for your help it is much appreciated.

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    Maybe that position just won't work however I'll try and explain a little better just in case. Imagine the usual spoons position (looking from above you'd look seated but you're on your side), yet in between the thighs, knees, and ankles there are cushions supporting the affected leg (this may be its achilles heel). He can then go about things as usual. Its hard to quantify these days whether or not my leg is fully healed, it certainly works a lot better than it did!

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