1. I'm having problems when concerned with anal play with a dildo...

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    It's basically a problem with the douche itself. Even with five squirts, there's still a lot that comes out while I merely have the dildo inserted inside me. I don't know why I'm having any problems with it. I thought it'd clear me out from the inside, but for me it doesn't appear to be the case. Can I ask how best to use the douche? Bear in mind I'm generally constipated as I seem to not need a 'poo' (not exactly a word I'd like to use since it sounds naff) for a fair lot of days. Though I don't usually feel any pain or discomfort.

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    You're probably better off not douching at all to be honest, it can actually make the problem worse. The rectum is generally pretty good at regulating itself and doesn't require additional cleaning, so you shouldn't expect a lot of mess ordinarily. What happens when you squirt too much water up there is not only does it go into the rectum, but it also travels up into the lower colon where it sits. It'll take a lot longer to drain back down out of the colon, and when it does it'll bring all sorts of nasty stuff with it, which is probably what you're seeing. So basically I'd just stop it altogether if I were you, or if you really feel the need to, then only put half the volume of water from the douche inside you at any one time, before expelling it completely and repeating.

    In the long run a dietary adjustment would be beneficial, get some fibre supplements from the chemist to help keep you regular, and preparation time for dildo play will be reduced.

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    I agree that using too much water at a time is a problem as described above. The rectum can only hold about 150-200ml so don't put more than this in at a time. Of course, on the first flushing or two your rectum may be, er, otherwise occupied so use only a small amount until you are sure the rectum is otherwise clear. I certainly wouldn't go without a douche but it takes practice to get it right.

    You can also have water retained in the rectum after the douche. With time this will get absorbed but, of course with time the body will want to re-fill the rectum with sh1te thus undoing all your handiwork. I find there are two ways of getting the rectum to drain. You can use the douche to put air into the rectum and the resulting wet fart will tend to expel water. Alternatively I find one of those 20mm diameter shower nozzles with 5 holes in used for enemas will do the job. Leave it disconnected from the shower tube and just insert it a few times to a depth of about 5 inches and water drains out of it.

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