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    Haywire wrote:

    I feel its degrading and revolting. I love using toys and games with him, but with this its different. I am a very proud and strong woman, and detest the idea of becoming just 'something to jizz on'.

    When my girlfriend and I first got together, we didn't have sex for a while, so when we were having fun (we still did foreplay, hand jobs, oral etc) I used to come on her breasts pretty much every time (her idea actually) and still do when we don't have intercourse, as he doesn't like it on her face or in her mouth.

    I understand it's different for everyone, but where you don't want to be just 'something to jizz on', it seems that after nearly two years, you're well beyond that stage. I'm presuming it's a commited relationship, so he would see you as more than that.

    The way my GF saw it was a bit of fun, and also as a compliment. She liked the feeling of the warmth on her skin, and also as a kind of territorial thing, like I was marking her, letting her know that she was mine (but not in a literal 'owning' sense).

    Whatever you decide though, hope that helps.

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