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  1. I need to learn some new positions!

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    JakeH wrote:

    My favourite is the girl lying on her side, with me straddling one of her legs , the other to the side, and me fucking her like that - almost from behind. It gives doggy style angles but is more comfortable to maintain for longer, you can see more, and it's really easy to play with her clit.

    Oh this one sounds interesting - so are her legs a bit like in a scissor/open position? You say you straddle one of her legs, is the one you straddle her top or bottom leg? Or doesn't matter either way?

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    Sounds like one of my faves, straddling the bottom leg. Girl on her side with upper leg lifted up towards her chest or in that direction. Very comfortable. SG

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    Guys - please be careful with your girls in this position - my back is going ooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww at the thought .

    Seriously though - care is needed - a girl's legs should be moved together - never one lifted on it's own for long - it puts some dreadful strains on muscles on one side . Something I was trained to be terribly careful about while nursing . ALWAYS always both legs should be lifted and put down together .

    Sorry to put a downer on this - but you don't want to give her back problems which don't clear up easily

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    As a man, I like the miss in a 'sofa chair?' or a sofa, on her knees leaning against the back rest. Perfect height, and perfect access to her clitoris, anus, or boobs or body in general (lol know we only have 2 hands.... so take your pick)

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    Nice simple variation is missionary with pillow under her bum, easy and a deeper penetration and better clit access. Makes her look amazing too. If you're feeling strong, I like to kneel or stand with her clamped around you, support her ass - very intimate and a good workout :-) You can go straight from missonary to this if you've got the back for it! A current fave is her to put with hands on a worktop or wall, back to me, legs apart. sort of doggy but standing up I guess.

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