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  1. Advice would be much appreciated


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    I am having a day to myself today as my little one is going back to her mother after a week with me. So I thought I would have "me" time. Will be dressed up in my gigi basque and stockings, so what I am after is advice of any decent porn websites that anyone can recommend. Also has anyone ever heard of a practice called "egging" as overheard a conversation when out other night and the couple were saying that it makes the orgasm very pleasurable for the guy, wouldn't mind making orgasm as good as possible today, but can't find anything about egging. Anyone got any tips on that and what I need to do. Is it save to use my beads while doing it as they are lined up too. I am sorry it is a long post, but I am so looking forward to a great day to myself.

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    I think you mean "edging" :

    "Coming nearly close to climax or ejaculation,then purposefully stopping sexual stimulation in order to delay the same, so that the ultimate climax will be more intense". You can do this over and again as long as you can last out it does make the orgasm very strong.

    Regarding your other question try googling "URDX", pretty much something for everybody there.

    Have fun


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    Oh and it's the ultimate in brinkmanship, but like all things, "practice makes perfect" :). Make sure you don't come to the boil too quickly, ease off and then build up again, timing is everything.

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    yes, its edging, get yourself close to orgasm, then slow down so you don't get there, and build back up a few times. Basically take as much time as you can before getting there.

    As for online porn, try try www.tblop.com

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    xhamster.com is pretty good website

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