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  1. Music to 'dance' to - ideas please

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    Now now campers no fighting, if we were all the same it would be a pretty boring place now wouldn't it !!!

    Will put it down to early hours and post midnight consumption !!!


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    Thread necromancy go!

    This thread sums up my issue right now, although in a slightly different way.

    My boyfriend bought us Monogamy for Christmas and we're hoping to play it some time soon. They say you should have some background music on and be able to turn it up when it's time for an erotic dance (if I dont have background music on, come erotic dance time I'll be sat there for ten minutes trying to pick a song!). I have a fair amount of music on my computer and was going to make a playlist but don't really know what to put on it. My musical tastes are diverse, ranging from dance to rock to The Phantom of the Opera!

    I'm not looking for song suggestions, but more of an idea about what genres of music I should put on there, what kind of tempo I should be going for etc.

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    personally i would just find the most explicit hip hop i could - something like this - Its not my favourite type of music (give me rock) but as a song to dance to it puts its cards on the table

    Just as an FYI - that is a heavily edited version of the video and the lyrics have changed but it is still in no way worksafe

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    Not the genre you're asking for, but this has to be a classic: (Al Green, Can't Get Next To You)

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    Would I be in trouble for saying that Lady Gaga's 'Love Game' seems quite appropriate for this kind of thing?

    "Dont think to much just bust that ****, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!"

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    its got to be drop it like its hot by snoop dogg

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