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  1. straight men who enjoy recieving anal

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    Dee_licious333 wrote:

    I really want to get my husband to have this all over orgasm.

    Lucky man!

    Dee - It takes a while to get used to the whole thing. Even for someone who is comfortable with having a butt plug in for an hour or so the sensation of having a dildo inserted is still a bit of a challenge. With a butt plug the feeling of stretch reduces a lot once it's fully in. However, with the dildo there is the steady sensation of the anus being stretched open and this can be a distraction.

    Once this is overcome and you start to get the full body sensations they can be difficult to handle. I used to find I would feel incredibly hot all over and have to call for a break to recover. A break is quite good also as a chance to re-lube. We use a combination of Liquid silk water-based lube (which is really slick) and Pujr Original silicone (which is good for staying power) and find its best to insert some lube (5ml of Liquid Silk +0.5 ml of Pjur) with a small syringe as well as lubing the dildo with lots of Liquid Silk.

    As for the rhythm, I think slow and deep beats fast and furious every time.

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    Lucky fellow indeed.

    Re lube, you can't have enough of it. Silicon lube like Eros/Pjur is great. We also use J-Lube, which is a powder you mix with water to make a very slippery goo. It's used by vets.

    It's not friction that brings the orgasm. Rather its the alternating stretching and relaxiing of the area in question.

    This is why toys like the prostidude,http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17565

    anal banger: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=8574

    target practice submariner: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14505

    Tantus cowboy: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15001

    are effective for bringing orgasm

    If you are using the hand, once you are inside, you should try doing gentle, yet poweful and rhythmic strokes back and forth.

    Do these first in the part of the rectum that he's comfortable with. As you continue and he relaxes (starts to surrender) you will find that he will slowly open up higher up. You can then move your strokes into the higher area. Once you are in the zone at the top of the rectum you may be able to bring him to orgasm.

    Note that according to the literature only about 30% of people can experience anal orgasm.

    He must be relaxed and enjoying the feeling. It's no good waiting for orgasm, that is perhaps the best way of not getting one.

    The first time it happened to me, it came as a total surprise, but that first time I went on to have 7 more in the same night.

    After a while the fistee learns to recognizes the signs of the coming orgasm and can work with you.

    If the fistee is using poppers try to make him/her hold off until the orgasm has almost arrived.

    Unless you are lucky enough to own a sling, the best position is with him on his hands and knees with a couple of big cushions under his hips and tummy. That way he can bear down on his loins and the muscles and tendons of his thighs and glutes can relax. Also it allows him to spread his legs wider, which makes the insertion of large objects easier.

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    Two more points:

    If you are pleasuring him with your hand and you feel him loosening up, try changing your hand from the goose's head shape into a fist. The extra pressure and stretch will give him added pleasure.

    It's not unusual for fistees to need to pee when they are being fisted. Peeing requires the breaking of a strong taboo and with some people it will be accompanied by huge relaxation. It's best to be prepared for this, by having an adult diaper ready to spread out, or extra towels, rather than breaking off the play.

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    atlanta wrote:

    We also use J-Lube [. . .] a very slippery goo. It's used by vets.

    Thank you for that wonderfully understated image. Nuff said...


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    great feeling to get dildo up your ass. and when it attach to a woman it is even more sexy.

    I love and make me hot to see how the dildo is just glide into to hole :)

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    Wow what facinating and detailed info you have on this subject. I cant help thinkin this is similar to a female orgasm. Need to be relaxed and work up to it not try to hard to get there but dont get distracted. but when you get there can be amazing whole body orgasm.

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    Hoping to try this with the other half soon and quite excited at the thought of it!

    atlanta [sign in to see picture]
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    Good luck. Start small and work up. It takes a few months before you are ready to receive larger objects, but the effort and waiting is well worth it.

    Dee_licious333 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks gyrator and atlanta for that useful info. We have been usuing tracy cox lube and its ok but i will definitely try other lubes out too. I will definitely take things slower as suggested by Monster (thanks).

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    I love it.... I've tried it with various types of toy... butt plugs (many sizes!), vibrating/pump up plug, vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers, anal beads, anal spheres, fingers, vegetables (carrot/cucumber) and strap-on. Sometimes I prefer girth to length but have found that if I get REALLY turned on it makes me need the toilet and sometimes the toy comes out a little dirty... But many times I've had my arse banged for ages and I've felt tremendous.... Its such a liberating feeling having your arse invaded.... but what I really want to do is find a female that will put on latex gloves and spread me wide and get her whole hand up there... would love to see if I can take it.... but ultimate fantasy for me would be to be restrained, blind-folded and gagged whilst being fisted/fucked!


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    I've casually mensioned pegging to my husband and although he hasn't been repulsed by the idea, he hasn't shown any interest in me doing it to him. I would definately be up for it if he ever came around to the idea. I love anal and I would love him to experience the different kind of orgasm that he could get from anal penatration.

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    hotpussy wrote:

    I've casually mensioned pegging to my husband and although he hasn't been repulsed by the idea, he hasn't shown any interest in me doing it to him.

    Do you think he knows what he is missing? I guess most blokes still have no idea that prostate stimulation has anything to offer them unless it's pointed out to them.

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    Pegging can be good fun both ways I love to sit on my wife with my back to her we use a anal lube called lubirfist which we got from lovehoney. we have also done it with me leaning agaist the bedroom wall with my legs open wide. My wife uses a few small toys on me first and works up to a big butt plug she also fists me after the big butt plug. What I would say is start small and work up toys or fingers and you can never use enough lube and always go slow and if it hurts stop more lube and try again

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    I love receiving anal. It is even more horny for me when i am wearing womens underwear.

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    I was very upfront with my oh about enjoying anal play, basically because when in the mood I can get more intense (different) and very satisfying orgasms this way. She is more than cool with that and pegging is a regular part of our love life. We use a very realistic Doc Johnson dildo and harness + we share a (very expensive) Sybian like sex machine. To have her suck me off when I am riding it is an experience like no other.

    Having read all the earlier threads, this is a very mainstream activity now so long live the prostate!!

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    hi hotpussy

    i just brought the subject up by buying a small dildo and using it on him while giving him oral, he couldn't get enough. every now and again I buy a new strap on just for a change. recently bought the http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=5254 it's brilliant, we both love it!!

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    I'd give it a try with the right lady. I've had a but plug in there before and it felt amazing.

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    Well my bf loves me using a finger, which surprised and delighted me as I've always wanted to try it with someone. I'm not exactly sure what I did back there but he had the most amazing reaction, he didn't come but he just looked so blissed out, it was cool! I enjoyed watching that, and when eventually he did come during sex he wanted me to slide my finger in when he was coming, so I did, and it looked pretty fun! I think more straight guys should be up for experimenting and stop the ridiculous 'does it mean I'm gay?!' nonsense. For one thing, I'm pretty sure not all gay men like anal sex!

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    My girlfriend knows I am keen to get pegged by her but sadly she is not interested. She does encourage me to use my anal toys and enjoy myself alone but she hasnt come round to the idea yet. Oh well :)

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    I'd love to do that with my OH but he HATES the thought of anything up his ass :(

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