1. Tips & Advice for Pregnant Sex?

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    Hi all,

    I've gotten to that wonderful(!) point in pregnancy where nothing fits, I have a basketball strapped to my stomach & I can't get comfortable.

    What positions would you recommend for heavily pregnant women? So far the only ones we've found comfortable is reverse cowgirl & spooning. We're still using all the vibrators we have, but I'm starting to feel a bit 'swollen' inside so can't, comfortably, fit Husband or the larger vibrators.

    Less physical, but has anyone got any tips for feeling sexy when pregnant? I've not been able to fit into any of my outfits for a month, I'm constantly worried about my Husband getting a mouthful of milk when he goes near my tits & whenever we start getting into it...I get a kick in the stomach.

    Thanks in advance!

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    My little boy was premature, so I can't say we had much experience of sex when you get close to the end.

    I can say, just enjoy yourselves, and remember that not only penetration is sex. Oral for example can be very intimate, and give a lot of pleasure for both.

    I also seem to recall that its a good idea to massage the your intimate areas leading up to birth, to help your muscle relax, and ready them for the big stretch that is to come. I'm sure you can think of way that this task can become very stimulating.

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    We found her straddling me or doggy style with cushions to support her bump.

    I think we used some lubricant later on to make things more comfortable.

    I found my wife very sexy when pregnant. She loved having bigger boobs and so did I and she never leaked no matter how much I played with her boobs but couldn't anyway due to sensitivity. Every thing looked healthier too with beautiful thick hair and rosy skin.

    Oral works well too and I think we experimented with positions that were comfort for her.

    I got some little kicks from our unborn but we just giggled and jokingly talked to the bump to forget everything! Sex tended to be more funny but therefore felt very intimate.

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