1. Help and advice on a possible over reaction from my oh

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    sorry forgot id not replied, conversation was a fairly short one, where she had said she had over reacted and i said sorry essentially...

    i just need to let things go at times though and not put my big size 10s in it .. leave follow up discussions

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    Have just read the thread for the first time, and can't understand this one. I work away Tues, Weds, Thurs and both me and my OH masturbate alone quite a lot. In fact we have a code word for it as in 'putting up a shelf' AKA DIY. A typical text would be 'just put up a shelf going to sleep now, night, love you'. What an earth is wrong with masturbating either together or alone?

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    My personal opinion is that it may be the celeb picture you were using? If the celeb looks very different to how your OH looks it could make her feel insecure and like you prefer something/someone else.

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