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  1. Pleasing a male.

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    hey my bf is not interested in sex as much as me now, and if we do doesnt last long? any tips on what to use ?

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    There are many reasons that his sex drive may have reduced other than the one we all hope it isn't! For example during periods of high stress or emotional movement his sex drive may reduce as he tries to sort the other areas of his life out. Without knowing the specifics of your situation or interests as a couple it would be difficult to give specific options, but I will advise as best I can.

    The first thing before thinking about sex toys to spice things up may well be a frank discussion about why things haven't been happening as much as they used to and trying to resolve any issues that may come up. In typical male fashion it may not be unexpected to recieve merely a grunt or sigh in response, and this can be difficult to deal with, I only hope at this point you are good at communicating with each other.

    That being said if it is simply that things have become stale between you (and remember that the less you have sex the shorter time he is going to last, which of course will be less pleasurable for him and create a vicious cycle) then there are many options for spicing things up! I am personally a great fan of sex games, simply set a time when you will both sit down and play a sexy board game even if neither of you particularly feel like it at the time. He may well realise as things go on that the passion and foreplay is what you have been missing, and a large amount of foreplay will downplay the shorter amount of time the actual sex is lasting.

    If you want to treat the shorter sex as a symptom you could consider one of LHs lubes which decrease sensitivity in the male penis (without of course ruining the whole experience, it simply means it takes longer for him to orgasm) or something along those lines.

    One final thing, a trick taken from the BDSM world is orgasm control. Inform him that he is not allowed to orgasm until you say so, or until a particular roadmark has been passed, and then tease him about it being sure to enjoy yourself as fully as possible. When he comes to the brink of disaster and is looking at you with fiery eyes, determined that he will conquer you, give him the signal and prepare to be ravaged!

    Anyway take what you like and leave the rest, but I thought I would leave you a few points I thought might lead you in the right direction. Let us know how it goes!


    blondie<3 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank u, i think ill go for board game and lube :D

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