1. carrying sextoys at airports!

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    BE CAREFUL IN TURKEY! as others have pointed out its illegal. Lovely thought but definitely not worth the risk. make the most of some heavy petting under the water :)

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    chels18 wrote:

    its simple - Don't carry it in your hand luggage. Put it in your main suitcase inside of something - yes it will be seen on their scanners but it is very unlikely they will remove it from your bag. I've taken sex toys abroad before now (rabbit to cyprus) !! and not had any problem!

    Yes this is the obvious answer.

    But: I flew to Lisbon one weekend to meet my partner after a conference, as I was only going for two days and it was hot I just took hand luggage. The bulky security woman who made me unpack my bag after looking at it in the scanner, rummaged through my panties, nighties and stuff and immediately made a grab for the bottle of silicone lube I had in my bag. She unscrewed and somewhat injudiciously squeezed the bottle, causing a large drop of lube to come out of the bottle and run over the side and over her hand.

    She immediately switched the bottle to her other hand so that she could get the sticky lube off her mitt, thereby squirting lube over the floor, thereby creating a dangerously slippery patch.

    Bah! What is that? she asked, squinting her eyes at me and flaring her nostrils so I could see her nose hair.

    "It's a sex lubricant a" I said, "Silicone oil, watch what you're doing you'll have it everywhere".

    "Can I have it back please?"

    No I couldn't have it back, It was over 70 ml and you're only allowed 30 ml of lubricant. She was wiping her hands and almost slipped on the patch of oil. Fortunately she was wearing black Doc Martins so she didn't hurt herself.

    She thrust her hands into my bag again and then encountered my dildo. Her eye's widened. What's that?

    "Rubber" I asked

    "Yes" she said.

    It'll be my dildo then, I said.

    She gave up then. And with surprising care repacked my disarranged underwear. I threw one last longing look at my lube and left to go to the gate.

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    MissTerryCleavage wrote:

    I've taken toys on planes, hand luggage too, just made sure the batteries were out, no problems.... They'd be more embarassed than me asking me I reckon, haha!

    If you take lube in your hand luggage, remember can only be 100ml maximum size...


    Actually it's 30 ml, see the above story.

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    x X x wrote:

    The 100ml liquid limit only applies to hand luggage.

    yep and it applies to ny liquid, not just lube, but your perfume, showergel bla bla what have you. Stick it inyour suitcase

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    I took my Mia, Play-O gel, and 50 ml bottle of Liquid Silk in my hand baggage on my last trip. The Mia locks for travel, and was in a pouch with my spare laptop accessories. I doubt anyone even noticed it. The gel and lube were in the same separate bag with my toothpaste and other liquids, and likewise gathered no attention.

    If you pack liquids in your checked baggage, make sure they're packed well enough so that if they burst, they won't ruin all your clothes though.

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    just put in your main suitcase hidden between clothes, thats what i do and been fine so far

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    All right, I passed a nasty French control in last day when they did detailed luggage checking and they I guess saw the 2 vibes, not a word said, but considering I managed to carry a replica (non sharp) of historical dagger... (was on coach and it was in the big luggage) without it getting confiscated, sex toys should be fine The only problem may arise Turkey is Muslim country but still...

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    DebbieUK wrote:

    yeah I've taken sex toys on trips plenty of times - if they are in your hold luggage you will not have to hear any sniggers as you won't be there while they are being scanned! I normally take the batteries out of mine for travelling though.

    This thread reminds me of a really really embarrassing incident though. I was staying in London for a few days and needed to use one of those luggage services at a main train station. I did not expect them to search my bag! I was carrying pro cam equipment, lots of racy underwear and 5! sex toys (including a massive dildo). They got it ALL out in front of me and the other customers!

    I can't even imagine how mortified you must have felt!

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