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  1. squirting help

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    It is all about the 'G' i'd never squirted before till i was fisted by an ex, now I can squirt like a porn star, not always on a 'G' orgasm, take today for instance all i was doing was sticking my rabbit inside me and i squirted. it is a lovely lovely feeling and so deliciously naughty. My OH had me squirting for ages the other night and ended up sleeping on very damp sheets. he was covered in it.

    Yes it does feel like you need to pee but you just need to let go, first time it happened i thought i had peed until the ex told me what i had done.

    DebbieUK [sign in to see picture]
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    I think I experienced my first ever squirt last night - though it didn't at all feel the same as pee

    My OH was giving me killer oral - and it was so so intense. I have never had an orgasm feel like this before (and I orgasm a LOT). It was totally different from anything else I had ever experienced - and afterwards soo wet everywhere (mostly his face lol) but like a clear, odour-free juice - I suppose it was a little bit like KY but not so thick and we hadn't used any lube at all. He was stretching me really good with his fingers at the same time as licking me hard. MMMM want more now!!!!

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