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  1. Embarrassing erection / turn-on

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    This topic occurred to me after having an embarrassing moment whilst out shopping with my wife, looking for a smart new outfit for her.

    In a department store, I spotted a sexy metallic blouse and an above-the-knee split pencil skirt, which I suggested to my wife that she tried on. As we walked over to the fitting rooms, I made the mistake of imagining how my wife might look in these items, combined with her stockings and high-heels. I then realised to my horror that I had developed a visible bulge in the front of my trousers.

    Fortunately, a solution was readily to hand. I asked my wife to pass me the clothes so that I could carry them for her. By holding them in front of me, I managed to conceal my problem until we reached the fitting rooms and I had calmed down a bit.

    When I told my wife later about my little difficulty, she laughed. Of course, we had to buy the outfit. My wife is now briefed that she may need to stand in front of me at short notice if we're in a clothes shop and she's looking at sexy items.

    I assume that this sort of scenario is inherently more of a problem for men than women, although I imagine that there are also stories that could be shared by women about unexpected turn-ons leading to blushing and other physical effects.

    My experience in the shop was just momentary and inconsequential, but I cringe at the memory of another incident when I was much younger...

    I was in my room at university, taking a break from work and fantasising about gorgeous girls, when there was a knock at my door. On opening the door, I was presented with a vision straight out of my hottest of hot dreams: a very pretty petite blonde girl with a cute face -- and she was smiling. What really hit me, though, was that she was wearing hockey kit, with a very short skirt and ankle socks framing a pair of smooth and shapely legs.

    "I'd like to write a note for your neighbour," the girl started brightly. "Is that okay?" she added uncertainly, perhaps sensing that my mind wasn't fully on what she was saying.

    "Err... yes! Come in." I peered at the girl's face in an unfocussed way, desperately hoping that she wouldn't glance down to where I had developed a hard-on of great prominence and seeming permanence.

    I took the opportunity to turn my back on the girl and positioned myself in front of a cupboard, where I made a play of sifting through its contents searching for a pen and paper while I covered my embarrassment. Of course, there was a notepad and pen on my desk, but if I went there then I'd have to stand right in front of the girl.

    "Can I use these?" asked the girl, pointing at the pad and pen with a hint of amusement. "Err... yes. That's fine," I replied as I continued to admire the cupboard from up close.

    Time passed unbearably slowly for me as the girl wrote out her note and tore off the page from the pad. She seemed to sense that I was stuck next to the cupboard for whatever reason, and so she just smiled sweetly and saw herself back out of my room with a cheery "Thanks! Bye!".

    I looked in the mirror and saw that I was blushing. I tiptoed to the door and listened until I was sure that the girl had left and wasn't likely to return in the near future. I then went to my bed and masturbated furiously for a while, fuelled by the memories of what I had just witnessed. Then, and only then, did my pent-up horniness and my erection start to subside. Sadly, I never saw the girl again.

    So... is anyone else brave enough to share their experiences?

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