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  1. Ladies what do you class as LARGE or small

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    man of pleasure wrote:

    if some people would look at the original question asking what size would you class as big and what is small as nothing to do with which size might give you an orgasm its just an observation question, why do people instantly go down the old road its what you do with it that counts.

    if thats how you feel about it write that on the other related threads please.

    I don't think people meant to be reductive, or ignore the original post. I can't speak for everyone, of course, but for me it was more that I wanted to share my thoughts on why I couldn't answer the question as you had posed it.

    The thing about your question, man of pleasure, is that you're assuming that we all have a classification for large or small. If I did, I would happily share it with you, but I think a lot of people are saying they are unable to answer the question as it stands. I can't say I'd consider anything under x amount of inches to be small, or over x amount of inches to be big, as, like many others have said, I'm just not keeping track of measurements when I get intimate with anyone. The only thing I'm thinking is whether or not it feels good for us both.

    SS xx

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    illumine wrote:. large is anything over five and a half.


    Thank f%ck for that!

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    illumine wrote:

    i can see his penis pounding through my skin which is a little freaky but goes to show that 6 and a half inches is way more than enough for me.

    Sounds like aliens trying to escape, are you sure its not alien babies? =P lol

    As for 5.5" damn im too big tumb war? lol

    As Illumine has said though its really down to the womans prefference some women like big, some like small others like fat more like thin, there is no definition of big and small because all are going to say soemthing different! You might as well say 3-4inch small 5-7 average anything above huge

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    illumine wrote:

    i personally cannot stand the look of large penis's. they kinda gross me out, and i cant stand it when people brag about being 8-11 inches because truth is its probably not true and its not impressive to me.

    MOP it's not really a question that's easy to answer - penises don't have little floating numbers next to you telling them the size. You could be with 2 men - one with an average penis and one above average and the above average be easier to "manage" if he knows how to make it easier (making sure you're aroused, relaxed, lubed etc.) so it's really dependent on the man and the scenario more than some set number.

    I've only been with one partner so I can't really answer - my OH is of just above average circumferance and it's too much for me - we've had penetrative sex a handful of times this year because it's been too painful. So for me a smaller girth is preferable. Length, it rarely matters, it's only the first couple of inches of the vagina that are very sensitive so a short penis can be just as satisfying if you're not looking for g spot stim (and even that isn't right inside). Plus a the vagina is about 6 inches long (I think - may be misremembering) so anything longer can give a bruised cervix which is uncomfortable.

    It really depends on the man and woman involved and how they build up to the sex. Build up, foreplay, relaxedness, wetness all contribute dramatically to which size you can manage!


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    illumine wrote:

    i can see his penis pounding through my skin which is a little freaky

    Ah I experienced that once, could see and feel her mons pubis bulging slightly with every stroke into her - it was actually really cool, in my opinion! I made sure she was comfortable and turned on so I imagine it was just an anatomical thing - she was a very slim and small girl.

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    My lad has a fairly large cock, its 9' when its rock solid & i dunno the girth, but its thick enough for me. Then again im really quite tight. So id say anything thats below 6' is small to me.. thats only because ive been treated to the finer things in life :)

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    men can be very sensitive on this subject.

    i've grown to be happy with mine, wether it considered, small, medium or large. Although i know its not small! but along with size and girth etc. I'm a 'grower not a show-er'.

    The thing for me and my wife is 'duration' in sustaining it's size is important. (if only it could last longer...)

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    rose hip wrote:

    From what I've heard, men are also more likely to have gotten out a tape measure and those who've spent some time in changing rooms have probably seen more erections than several of us women, myself included.

    I'm sure that you are right about the tape measure, but your image of male changing rooms is all wrong Men do not wonder around them with erections! I have spent my fair share of time getting changed and showered in them and have never seen such a thing. I suspect that it would be considered quite bad form .

    Certainly in my experience, and probably that of most straight guys, the only erection I have ever seen is my own; which possibly explains why we men are so keen to understand how we compare to others: we just don't know.

    rose hip [sign in to see picture]
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    Just going with what I've been told, Joe. It never would have occurred to me if several men hadn't mentioned it as a source of their insecurities about their own size.

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    i am 4'' is it small r average

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    Dont know I have to be honest, my OH is pretty much the perfect size though for me. Men get completely wrapped up in size matters and I really don't think it does? Womens vaginas can be bigger or tighter or more elastic than others but we don't discuss that all the time. As long as you are having fun and enjoying it I don't see the fascination in knowing or asking the question as it's so personal to each woman, as the answers on here have shown. Even if it feels to big or too small there is plenty to do to get around i.

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    I've never measured anyone & have a really bad grasp of dimensions.

    Have been with men of varying sizes & whilst it's true that the biggest was a better lover than the smallest it had nothing to do with cock-size and everything to do with personality & consideration for me. In fact penetration with the bigger guy risked bruising my bladder, I used to get cystitis frequently back then & we were very limited to the positions we could comfortably achieve.

    Hubby is somewhere in the middle size-wise but is the best lover I've had. He considers my needs, shares his fantasies with me & allow me to share mine with him and understands me.

    Small is when it can't reach my G-Spot regardless of position, Large is when it frequently risks hurting me, just right is when the head rubs past my G-Spot & most of the time doesn't bash my cervix.

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    to be honest i have a very long, slim vagina (so every doctor/nurse has told me) therefore length is never really a problem, but as long as its wide and hits the right spots can't go wrong really!!


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    mine is 9 inches and some girls find it too big, especially for anal

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    to add another dimension to this, are we talking bone pressed or non bone pressed :p lol

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    Dee_licious333 wrote:

    I have no idea how big my hubby is. Never thought of asking (may dent his pride). Seriously, its what he does with it that amazes me and the angles he achieves! Sometimes its too much and i really cannot handle it but i doubt he is bigger than say 6 or 6.5 at a guess but he has girth.. thats a winner for me!!

    I like this post and agree - no woman has ever complained so why worry? I think I might be about the same, but haven't really measured since puberty [although think I might be at least 6.55 ]

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    less than 5 inches, small, 5-7 inches, normal/medium, 8inches plus large. My hudband is aprox 8inches and it can be painful!

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    Do men on this here forum measure their penises with some kind of "trick" tape measure?

    Because there seems to be a lot of 8 and 9 inchers. I just measured my own FOREARM, (Yeh, I am a weird little shit when I want to prove a point pmsl) from wrist to elbow and it measures 9 inches. I have also had a fair amount of penises at my disposal in my 30 years on this earth and I do not think I ever recall one measuring much over 7 inches, but if I did have any that big, they were the rare ones! Most of my experiences have been with men measuring much more closely to the national average of 5 to 5.5 inches.

    Tantus dildos measure, for the most part, 7 inches in insertable length and I cannot insert them fully......( I know I have a shallow cervix though, but still)

    So I ask again....what tape measures are you guys using, or are you measureing from the top of your penises, to below your knees or something? lol

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    *sigh* another forum post with men lying about how big their penis is impress the virtual world of LH.

    Who cares how big your salami is?! A thread like this pops up about 5 times a week, but I don't see that many threads about men discussing how best use their penis to please a woman...that should be your main concern.


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    To be honest Fluffy not really sure how to measure, think it used to be on the top of your erection from the pubic bone to the end? Don't care that much anyway, it's not really something you tell your friends anyway...

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