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  1. turning a man on

    princesslucifer [sign in to see picture]
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    i need some tips on how to turn my oh on and keep him turned on. im not experinced at all and would really like your help pls x

    ronnie-baby [sign in to see picture]
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    what does he like? mabye start of with some sexy lingerie with some killer heels and slowly undress or perform a striptease to some seductive music or let him slowly undress you....? you could start by asking him what he likes and what turns him on, his innermost fantasies ect.....

    I'd love to get a professional pole a perform a dance for my oh in some sexy stilletoes with a skimpy thong, some suspenders and some nipple pasties or a sexy floaty chemise. had this on my wishlist for ages now:

    failing that buy a book, I can thouroughly recommend tacey cox's books e.g hot sex, sex doctor, sextacy ect...

    good luck hun, I'm sure whatever you do it will turn him on as after all, he is with you so he must find you somewhat of a turn on already!

    by the way, welcome to the forums, I've not seen you around before.



    PlayingDirty [sign in to see picture]
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    Well it really depends on the guy. Try talking about fantasies and turn ons with him it may be a real eye opener.

    But trust me a bit of confidence in yourself goes a long way in turning a guy on.

    PD :)

    ghostgirl [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi we are all different so what works for me and my OH may not work for you.

    What will work is communicating with him, ask him what he likes and what he would like the 2 of you to try together. PlayingDirty is right confidence is sexy but knowing what your partner likes will give you that confidence.


    Laveila [sign in to see picture]
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    I suport the confidence. If you feel confident, it will be much easier. And not only in what he likes, but also in the knowledge you are attractive and can turn him on. It is far more easy with confidence in yourself. Sexy lingerie may help you a bit feeling more attractive, but I can as well seduce my partner with old nightshirt (it never stays on long enough anyway). and I agree, if he is with you, you should have very little problems with turning him on. Sometimes all I need to do is dont dry myself completely after a shower and put even the normal nightshirt on and I will have his constant attention by just the nightshirt hugging my wet body. You will have to find your way, as every guy is a bit different

    jav_ski [sign in to see picture]
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    As a bloke (and obviously I cant speak for all blokes) I would say different things us on much the same as women. Depends on what mood were in and other factors just like you women . From experience I would say if you get to know the other person you get to gauge what they want at that time. Personally I would say most blokes like a confident woman who knows how to pleasure him but knows how to express herself, it will be much easier for you to see what turns him on if he knows what turns you on if that makes sense.

    good luck hope i helped

    Carousel [sign in to see picture]
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    Have you considered some kind of conversation aid, like a sex tips book or sexy game? You could read the sex tips book yourself and pick out one or two or several ideas that you'd like to try, or suggest that you read through it together as a starting point for a light-hearted chat about what you both would like to try. Even reading a bit of Erotica might be an idea - though sometimes it can be a little bit removed from reality, it might get your juices flowing and thinking about things to do yourselves.

    My Husband and I have the game Monogamy and found it to be a really fun and lighthearted way to spend a night. Prehaps suggest playing this (or one of the other sexy games) one evening, with a bottle of wine and some 'extras'?

    It's difficult to be specific, because everyone's different, but I would echo the comments on confidence. Even if it's a case of simply having a bath or shower with your favourite products or wearing some beautiful underwear. Even treating yourself to some pampering before a date can make you feel your best.

    You should really talk to him if you can and ask him what turns him on - I'm sure he'd love it if you said something like "I've been wondering what your ultimate fantasy is?" and offering to try and make it come true!

    Discussing fantasies almost always leads to some pretty sexy sessions!

    Wilkibo [sign in to see picture]
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    I think there's a little button at the base of the spine!


    CheekySparky [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi one and all

    my naughty friends

    I love the art of any woman I meet or get intermate with, to dressed sexy, from top to toe... I love the items that are sold on here, from the shoes,stocking,suspenders,corsets, and the going out dresses. Fore me foreplay is a big turn on for me, especially with the element of the tease, naughty dance. Recently got into Tantra sex, great book by Kavida rei, the path to sexual bliss, its amazing, and brought it for a FB of mine, and we have one hell of a fantasy turn on.

    hope you are all well and the orgasmic world flowing

    naughty thoughts

    MaC XXXX

    SweetSubmission [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with many of the other posters above - conversation is key here. You can't be expected to read each others' minds!

    Everyone is different, and what works for my guy may not work for yours, so it's probably not helpful for me to suggest specifics. What I would say is that most decent people are turned on by the knowledge that their partner is enjoying themselves. It's partly about confidence, as Hella and others say, but I imagine it would be a huge turn on for your guy to see you utterly turned on, so part of this process should be about finding out what makes you squirm with pleasure too!

    SS xx

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