1. Masterbating - i can only come with one technique...

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    Certainly do Mucky !!


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    Hey OP, I was the same until I taught myself to come through rubbing my clit. Other posters are right, it's NOT the only way to come and once you know how to orgasm you can 'train' other ways.

    The reason I taught myself was because humping a pillow, as you say, isn't 'de rigeur' at the moment and it's also not very sex-friendly - I'm not sure how my man would get inside me when I'm all wrapped up with a duvet!

    Best of luck, take the pressure off yourself and be assured that once you know you can orgasm, you never know what will set you off... x

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    Guys i need helpo, my g-spot...urggghhhh need to get that sorted what positions do u all recommend even though i know everybody is different

    or any finger techniques my BF could use

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    hi sally we are all different maybe a good idea is experimenting yourself best way i find is to explore yourself get to understand your own body, just relax and enjoy some intimate time with yourself. good luck

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    Hi Sally,

    Man of pleasure hit the nail on the head, getting to know your own body is a must lol

    I find I enjoy greater pleasure from masterbating if I dress up for myself, ie silk stockings, suspenders, sexy bra/knickers and high heels - just letting my hands roam my body turns me on and gets me in the mood, its also a good way of finding where your tingly spots are lol. A strategically placed mirror also helps

    but most of all relax and enjoy yourself

    abbs x

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    Awww cheers guys, that really helps me a lot...and you are right and i hope all goes well :D:D:D

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