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  1. Oral sex advice needed.

    GothicKitty [sign in to see picture]
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    MrsP wrote:

    In terms of guiding your Hubby in the right direction, could you send a text or say to him at a non-sexual time "I've been fantasising about you doing... X, Y, Z to me" and hint at the technique you enjoy? Any form of communicating is great, but I tend to find my Hubby's ears prick up if I tell him that I've been masterbating and thinking about a certain thing he's done/would like him to do. He may be more inclined to take notice if you mention the way you like oral in a sexy way...?

    Cuddly Hubby: I am very open minded and enjoy allsorts sexually, but I really do not enjoy receiving oral. This stems from an experience in my teens, and whilst I tried to learn to enjoy it when I started dating my now-Hubby, I just couldn't get into it. However, there's a gazillion other fantastic things I can enjoy with my Husband and well, I guess what I am trying to say is that some women like it more than others and it's not necessarily a reflection on you if she doesn't ask for it or enjoy it. You use the word 'persuaded' - maybe she just isn't into it that much?

    You could maybe incorporate some licking and kissing as part of sex and let her enjoy that without feeling like there has to be an end result... I don't like receiving oral, but I do like Hubby to nibble, pull and suck my outter labia during other types of foreplay, but without the assumption I have to do anything else or orgasm from the experience.

    From what you're saying, the only real way to know is to ask her what she likes and what she doesn't... I know people laugh about the 'Sex Tips' books, but you could always look through them together (as you say you are inexperienced) and they may throw up some new ideas and tips for oral and you can learn together what you like and/or dislike.

    Lastly, I find, with most things in life, if my Hubby offers me something, I'll automatically say "Nah, I'm okay" but if we're talking in terms of sex, if Hubs says "I'm going to..." or "I want to..." rather than "Would you like...?", it's much sexier!


    I have to admit, i have tried doing that a few times and usually he comes home from work very early when that happens lol. I have to be direct with him as he doesnt really take hints to be honest. True, many thanks for that i will give it a go :)

    GothicKitty [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 16 Dec 2009

    Cuddly Hubby wrote:

    I'm rather freaked out by the thought of blood being drawn during oral sex. Am I showing my lack of experience in thinking that he should only be using his tongue?

    Speaking of my lack of experience, I could do with some advice as well. The few times that I've persuaded my wife to receive it, she's clearly enjoyed the experience: moaning loudly, rocking her hips and giving every appearance of having orgasms. She almost always turns me down when I offer it, though. I think it may be the thought of it that doesn't float her boat. I'm not too bothered, but it seems a shame if she likes the feeling. I hope that I'm not doing anything that puts her off. (It is supposed to be hard work to keep my tongue moving after a while, isn't it?)

    It freaks me out as well to be honest....

    GothicKitty [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 16 Dec 2009

    Lovehoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

    Are you *sure* he's drawing blood and doesn't have bleeding gums? This sounds a lot like gingivitus, where the suction he's applying is causing his gums to bleed >_<.

    I had a guy that was into sucking during oral, put me off for life. I genuinely cannot stand receiving oral anymore.

    Im 100 per cent he doesnt have bleeding gums and as awful as it sounds if he did i wouldnt let him go down on me if he did.

    I dont blame you to be honest...it is enough to put you off

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