1. PLEASE HELP! Oral sex alternative????

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    Janny wrote:

    Ok maybye I was wrong, but as a man I find it hard to understand why you would not give your loved one oral sex. She gives him oral, but it's not like for like, not at all. My point is this man does not know what he is missing. I think giving oral sex to your woman is one of the best things ever!

    janny, couldn't agree more. Giving oral sex to a women is amazing for me. Won't give all the reasons why, but the intimacy in a close relationship is, i think, more intimate then sex.

    As for alternatives, not sure there are any?

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    I thought on this topic the results from the following survey were interesting:-


    How important is oral sex to your sex life

    42% A nice menu option
    34% Essential: It's a dealbreaker
    16% I have an oral fixation
    5% OK occasionally
    2% Not important
    1% This mouth will never touch your genitals

    I thought the 34% giving it as a dealbreaker was very interesting. Unfortunately they don't break these figures down but my guess would be that a high percentage of these would be the women in the survey.

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    I'm one of those (rare?) women who doesn't particularly get much out of receiving oral sex. I know my partner loves to give it, but it's completely his choice. If he stopped completely I'd never miss it. I kind of feel bad for my partner though, because I just can't deliver the enthusiastic response that he'd like to create when he gives me oral. It's just... kinda nice, I guess. And it's not his technique - it's definitely me. It's just never been something that's ever really worked for me.

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    Hi, I'm sorry but for me oral sex in a relationship is a neccessity. Most women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation (like myself)-oral sex being a favourite and one of mine! I have a close friend whom her and her husband don't like giving or recieving it, which is odd I find, but if it works for them, and at least it's a mutual thing.

    I'm quite lucky as my oh loves giving me oral sex, sometimes he'd rather spend hours down there instead of inside me.

    But, for me personally if I was with someone that didn't like it, it just wouldn't work out for me and us and I'd end up kicking him to the kerb! (of course I am not saying that's what you should do, but I think he's very immature in his attitude towards it and needs to learn to compromise a bit and think of what you need also instead of his own needs/likes/dislikes etc) Sorry if this has offended, in no means was that my aim when writing this post.

    I hope you can sort this out between you hun.


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    I hope you can sort this out. I can empthise with you as my husband of 27 years used to give me oral all the time, but now flatly refuses to, and will not say why other than that he doesn't like doing it any more, or that it splits his tongue underneath! He hasn't given me oral for two or three years which I find frustrating. I willingly give him oral though.

    Good luck!

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