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  1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..

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    What has been your BEST sexual experience to date? What has been your WORST sexual experience to date?

    My best sexual experience to date is a tie between my first ever time with Jamba (everything just went perfectly, it was the first time i'd felt so in-tune with someone and we came at exactly the same time - wooonderful!) and the time Jamba decided he wanted me then and there - from behind up against the kitchen counter in my mum's house (!!) ^_____^

    and worst? ill-advised rebound sex with a good friend (who was so confident of his abilities that I remember him listing "sex" as one of his favourite activities on facebook..!) he was a fantastic kisser - but surprisingly mediocre in the sack it was a perfect example of NOT being in-tune with each other. thankfully we kinda both agreed that it was rubbish and not worth repeating, had a laugh about it and remain friends to this day.

    so come on, OA! spill the beans...

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    This will take some thought... I'll get back to you.

    SS xx

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    The first time I had sex with OH was amazing and its never changed.. He really surprised me as it was really a whole new feeling I got when we first did it.... year later its just as amazing and we're still learning new things!

    My ex... bless he wasnt too adventerous or into much but vanilla positions and movements....

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    Best... definitely with my OH. There's been a few times he's left me talking nonsense amid fits of giggles and inexplicable tears. Massage to start, then legs over the shoulders is just a K-O for me.

    Worst... wow, where to begin...

    • Got really really drunk with a friend of mine and we ended up hooking up, halfway through I see he looks a bit off, conversation as follows. Me: "Are you alright?" Him: "I think I'm gonna puke". He then locked himself away in the bathroom for half an hour and I just had to sit there listening to his wretching.
    • Guy started singing along to the David Bowie CD that was playing during. o_0
    • Many years ago, was with a guy in my room who turned out to be massively inexperienced. I suggested he kiss me. His reply? "I've never kissed anyone before and I'm scared it'll be rubbish". Well, it was. For me at least. I've never had anyone kiss me in a way that HURT before. Erk. Needless to say, sleeping together was horrendously tedious. Then he asked me if he was "all right". Awkwaaard.
    • Met up with a couple. Turned out the female partner hadn't been informed about me in advance and wasn't cool with getting involved, then by means of a private chat, her OH tried to persuade her. In the end she just sat there and watched. I spent the whole time repeatedly asking her if she was sure she was okay with all this, and making sure she knew I didn't want to do anything that made her uncomfortable. She insisted she was fine. They broke up not long afterwards.
    • Outdoor sex in a park. Had to get the train home covered in dirt with spunk in my hair. Ugh.
    • Helping a male friend with his uni work about perceptions of gender, dragged him up as a girl and went out to a club. We ended up hooking up and I had to strip MY clothes off him, hahah.
    • One night stand told me he loved me. (WTF?) Had drunkenly made plans to hang out next day, but when sober realised this was a terrible idea. Tried to leave while he was still asleep but he woke up. Now in town, soon realised I found him intolerable... and he wasn't buying my excuses that I had to leave... it eventually got to the point where I had to pretend to go to the bathroom then ran off home.


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    Best: With my OH, his first time. It was so intimate and romantic. Lots of foreplay and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad I took his virginity in this way.

    Worst: It was in the bed of my ex's brothers bed. (With my ex). He was terrible, it was boring, it was about 10 seconds, it was rushed and I felt so uncomfortable all the way through.

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    Best: Either when I lost my virginity or when I took my current OH's virginity. Losing my virginity was exciting and romantic, and we fell asleep in eachother's arms afterwards, it was just amazing. I know that's sort of cliche, and it wasn't the best sex ever of course, but it made me so happy!
    And I took my OH's virginity in a tent by candlelight with lots of romancing and foreplay beforehand. We had waited a couple of months since we started dating (even though we'd been into eachother for ages beforehand!), and it was really exciting... He was all grateful and happy =)

    Worst: One time, my ex and I were camping and decided to go for a walk in the woods. Thinking it'd be great fun, we made love outside, and it was beautiful... Except when we were almost done, we found he had a tic in his bum. He lept off me in shock, sending a pheasant flying, which in turn terrified me, as I thought someone was there. I subsequently rolled into the mud, naturally. After we both failed at removing the tic, we had to drive back to his family home, where his mum and her friend picked it out with tweezers. ;D

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    Best: Probably this ( http://factsandfriction.blogspot.com/2008/06/retrospective-k.html ) or this ( http://factsandfriction.blogspot.com/2009/06/remember-sabbath-day-by-keeping-it-holy.html ) - look at sneaky me not having to retype things because I've already written about them! They were both with the same girl but a year or two apart.

    Worst: Got chatting to and dancing with a girl in a club in my first year at university, I quite fancied her friend so when they asked if I wanted to split a taxi home with them I jumped at the chance. We got back to theirs which actually turned out to be miles away from where I wanted to be, and so I got out and thought we'd all hang out at theirs for a while. Unfortunately the housemate I was after disappeared up to her room and left me with the original girl from the club. She was relatively attractive but there wasn't much spark, so, being a horny little fresher, I thought I'd cut my losses and have sex with her anyway. Haha needless to say, it was rubbish, the combination of no chemistry and alcohol meant that I didn't get properly hard and so our attempts at sex were pretty rubbish. Eventually we gave up, I couldn't sleep, and at about 7 said goodbye and had to get another taxi back to my halls which were about ten minutes away. Moral of the story: don't have accidental sex with people you don't actually want!

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    I don't think the first of these will be any surprise to those who read my introductory posting.

    Best: First-time sex with my wife on our wedding night. I had been a virgin through most of my twenties when I started dating her, so when it became clear that we were meant for each other, it didn't seem much more of a stretch to wait until then. It didn't go well at first. We were both so tired from our weddding day that, when we retired to our four-poster bedroom in the hotel at around midnight, we both fell asleep immediately when our heads hit the pillow. Then, at about 2am, I woke up with an enormous hard-on. I reached over and touched my wife speculatively. She stirred immediately, and opened her eyes as I started to kiss her passionately and meaningfully. Her smile made it clear that she was ready. With mounting excitement, I clambered on top of her and positioned myself between her freshly-opened legs. My wife reached down to guide me inside her. It was a tight fit, but my wife was already warm and wet, so I was able to press well inside her without causing her discomfort. It wasn't long before my pent-up virgin excitement peaked and I felt the gorgeous surge of an orgasm as I shot my first load into a woman. My wife grinned, whispered "I love you", and gave me a congratulatory cuddle. It wasn't technically brilliant sex, but we both agree that the occasion felt so right at the time that it would be difficult ever to better it.

    Worst: Confidence-draining fumble in my early-twenties with a girl that I met through a dating agency. I think the girl figured out quickly that I was a virgin and she took an excitingly aggressive tack, seizing me and French-kissing me overwhelmingly while she pressed her body tightly against me to gauge my reaction. She then reached a hand down to my crotch and started rubbing me expertly into a frenzy. I moaned and felt surges of heat as my mind raced with expectations of what was to follow. Suddenly, the girl stopped and moved away. I asked her to continue, but she just smiled back blankly at me. This was torture. I put my dignity to one side and pleaded with her to carry on. The girl looked at me icily and replied along the lines of "No. That's all you're getting. I can see how excited you are". Her tone was stern and gave the impression that I'd done something wrong. I felt a rush of shame and, in a reflex action, I apologised to her before leaving in a state of incomprehension. Needless to say, I didn't date her again.

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    I love the fact that most replies on this thread mention their OH as being part of the best of times. I'm no different.

    On our second date (Feb 2009) we were chatting in a pub when I turned to my OH and said that I wanted to make love to her. I didn't expect her to agree there and then so we left it at that. Later in the evening she asked me back for "coffee". I wasn't certain that she wanted to sleep with a guy on a second date but was happy to have a coffee just in case! I wasn't forcing the situation and had told her that whilst I wanted her I wasn't applying any pressure and would understand if she didn't want to.

    I was sat on the sofa and she went upstairs. I could hear her, clearly walking quickly around the bedroom; I now know that she was tidying up! Anyway she came back downstairs and invited me up. What followed was the most sensuous 4 hours of lovemaking that I had ever experienced. It was so natural and felt so right. It was and is so right. So much so that I proposed less than 3 weeks later and we were married last June.

    We fell asleep in each others arms at about 5am and I crawled home at about 8am. I really should have thrown a sickie that day. By 11.30am I had nodded off at my desk! I got some shit for that.

    Worst of times is difficult. There have been plenty of drunken fumbles that most of them have merged into one. Drunken shags with some random woman down a dark alley. We both got what we wanted but ultimately it was unfulfilling.

    I wouldn't change any of it but hell i wanted my OH so much the moment that I first set eyes on her. It's got so much better since.

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