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  1. Latex Free Condoms

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    It's been a long time since I've had to purchase a lot of condoms as normally I would be on the patch, but after having back reactions I've been told to stop using it by my doctor. I'm actually very stuck as I've had reactions from all pills and meds I've tried. So now condoms are really the best thing for me to go for but I am exstremely allergic to latex. The doctor said maybe having a break from the patch and try again after a month or so, but I've already tried this once and still got a reaction.

    After searching the site and other sources and really there's not much selection out there at all, and the price is rather high considering a box of 10 wouldn't even last a day some times. Has anyone fond any that are cheap, I'm interested in buying very big packs, I know that there's multi buy options but really these aren't saving much money compared to the packs of 100 latex condoms seen on here.

    Also has anyone ever seen flavoured, ribbed, dotty ones, being made latex free?

    I keep forgetting to find out if you can get latex free condosm from the nhs as well? Though feel the amount would be limited.

    Arkadia [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your contraception issues Nympho :( What a hassle that must be!

    I don't have a latex allergy but I have tried two different non-latex condoms. It's unfortunate and true that they are very expensive compared to regular condoms, and it's an issue that really needs to be rectified as it seems more and more people are popping up with latex allergies as days go by.

    I have tried the Durex Avanti Bare condoms and the Lifestyles Skyn condoms. They are both quite expensive - around US$60 for 100 of them on the site I buy my condoms from (as opposed to $18 for 100 I pay for the ones I use). That is quite a markup! The Avanti condoms didn't leave any kind of lasting impression on me, but I did find the Skyn ones to be very pleasant.

    I know that Trojan makes two types - NaturaLamb condoms and Supra condoms. I'm not a fan of Trojan condoms so I can't tell you anything about those unfortunately. I will say that the idea of using a derivative of lamb skin in my vagina really grosses me out though.

    I have never seen any kind of flavoured/ribbed/studded condoms advertised as latex-free, and that's a real shame.

    Good luck with your search, and I do hope your able to find something to alleviate the issue soon.

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    ive found a site that sells non latex condoms (the skyns ones) 500 for £70.

    im sure you would be able to get some off of the NHS, but as you live rurally it might be worth ringing your doctors or family planning before going.

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks Arkadia, I'll look into the Skyn ones. I agree about the NaturaLamb condoms, I really dislike the idea as I'm a veggie. I did last year buy some french letter vegan friendly conoms, but they had latex in which really wan't good in the long run even though the idea is great. They were scented and really smelt nice but still had a very bad reaction so ended up givening them away to a friend (what was left of course).

    Thank sweetlove, if you could emial me the website that'll be fab. I have to go to my doctors soon so will write it down as a reminder to ask. There isn't a family planning place near me at all, the closest one is about 20miles away so I'm going to have to avoid that one.

    I did notic that most female condoms are latex free, fond this odd. Though I've never tried these and most people who have said that they weren't very easy/ nice to use. Though saying that, they are rather expensive too....

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    Well I've been searching online and rather than buying one type in bulk I desided to try a few different types first- rather than be stuck with something that both me and my partner don't get along with.

    Boots had Sensoprene Mates Skyn condoms on buy two 12packs for £10. I desided to order them into my local store but it wasn't till the end of the order it told me I'll have to wait a week....

    I've never heard of Sensoprene before, and even with a little research I haven't found much about it. So I'm wondering if anyone has tried these before?

    I couldn't find the avanti in the offer so I'm going to hunt about for a box that's fairly cheap/ is a good deal. Would be very handy to find them before the others are in stock at my local boots.

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