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  1. Playful Ideas

    Ameliorate [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello All!

    With life, love and all it's complications seeming to take up more and more of my time these days, it's been more than a while since I last posted on these fine forums.

    I've not been slacking in my absence, rather I've been working on a little idea that I thought I'd share/test here for the benefit/enjoyment of all.

    A little background first - my partner and I have been together for a good number of years now. During our time together I've been trying to delve into her deeper more sordid thoughts for clues about desires, fantasies & fetishes. She is adamant she has none but I'm not convinced - I feel she either doesn't recognise she has them, is reluctant to confess them or doesn't know how to express to them.

    I've been pondering for some time of a way to 'force' sexual topics into our conversations in a non-threatening way that would have us discuss them & explore them together. So, from the depths of my depravity I have dreamt up a random idea generator and have cobbled it together into a website that I offer here for comment, criticism, and free use of, to test before I put it to use myself:


    The idea is, as a couple you both click to generate a 'Playful Idea'. You are then presented with one of over 300 suggestions to try, along with who should plan the session and when it should be. It's then up to you to decide if you happy with the concept, timeframe etc and make then to amke it happen or click again for an alternative.

    Writing this makes it sound much more complicated than it is. If you are intrigued, follow the link to the site and have a play.

    I'd really appreciate any feed back you have, especially if you decide to give it a go.

    NB. The site is designed for a heterosexual couple but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for gay/lesbian pairings too - it's not designed to discriminate just my coding skills aren't up to much - couldn't work out how to have people enter there names so I went for a generic Him or Her instead - just decide who is the 'him' and who is the 'her' in the relationship before you play - Simples!

    (Apologies for the somewhat tasteless banner that briefly appears at the top of each page - an annoyance to put up with from the webhost I've had to use because of the 'adult' nature of the site. I've done what I can to hide it while hoping I'm not in contravention of their Terms of Use. If anyone can recommend an alternative 'adult friendly' free webhost, please share).

    Hope you enjoy,


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