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  1. Anal Tips (touchy subject or helpful hints?)

    YoungRose [sign in to see picture]
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    Me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 months and have been having sex for about 5 of those, we're quite adveturious and we want to try anal, but we have so many problems finding helpful information and actually some helpful health advice. We are aware that latex condoms can rot the rectum, that you have you douche and that you should relax the anus by slowly and gently easing the anus to be able take the width of the cock. Yet there are certain things we aren't sure about, and my boyfriend wants to make sure my health is top with the fact I suffer from IBS. So..

    1. When 'cleaning out your bowls' does that mean your whole system, or just your rectum? And is there any gentle and comfortable way to clear your whole bowl without using destressing measures, such as laxitives?
    2. When douching, do you use any certain water... cold, warm, boiled and left to cool or soapy water (made up of a pH natural soap)?
    3. Does using vinyl gloves to ease the anus cause any health risks?
    4. Even if you clean yourself out, rectum or full bowl, can you still shit yourself?
    5. Are non-latex condoms and anal lube A LOT LOT BETTER to use than latex condoms and normal lubes or is there not much difference?

    Erm, can't remember if there's anything else, so ye, any body who's tried it or experianced, will you help some newbies out? Also, anything else that you think would be helpful to know, we'd be glad for the advice, as well as any anal toys or relaxences etc that you think would help or make it even more pleasureable.

    Thank you :) x

    Genie [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Just make sure you don't need to poop, I would advise against laxitives as it could go horribly wrong during anal. As long as you don't feel bloated or that you need the toilet then you should be fine.

    2. Warm water is the best, I'm not too sure about using soapy water.

    3. I wouldn't think vinyl gloves would cause any problems, and would suggest buying a few beginner anal toys to help.

    4. You won't shit yourself during anal, the worst that will happen is the poop will liquify to an extent and will slowly 'leak' out during anal or be forced back up which is quite harmful. Just make sure you don't need to poop to avoid those problems.

    5. Anal lube is a MUST, I would recommend these two lubes:



    When i first tried anal I was worried about the problems to do with poop, luckily experience has taught me not to worry. As for condoms I've never used them for anal as I've only ever done anal with my fiancé. Definitely use beginner anal toys


    Hope that helps! :)

    Oliber [sign in to see picture]
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    1) For normal penetration just the rectum is fine.

    2) Body temperature water is the most comfortable, be aware the rectum isn't very good at sensing heat so make sure you test on your wrist first. Boiling and adding a little salt can help avoid water uptate by the rectum (that is it's job after all!), but unnessacry in my experiences. Soap is a big no no.

    3) Not as far as I know,

    4) Small amounts of waste and recatal mucus can still be present after douching, avoiding eating around an hour before you start douching means your digestive tract should be at it's slowest which means less chance of waste moving along the system.

    5) no idea, i had never seen any information that claims latex rots the body. We rarely use condoms as we only play after douching, but do make sure we wash everything up after!

    Depending how thick your partner is you may want to invest in a plug or small dildo to help dialate.

    Also, welcome to the forums and search is your friend!

    YoungRose [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you both so very much, i can use these points to talk about with my boyfriend and see what he thinks xx

    sexy little minx [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi YoungRose and welcome to the forums.

    A couple of threads you might find useful.



    If you type anal into the search bar loads of threads will come up. x

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