1. What would you regard as perverted?

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    Kinky = a feather

    Perverted = the whole chicken


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    doubly perveted= the stuffing too

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    shellyboo wrote:

    I'm a proud pervert.

    I look at it this way -- whatever it is you're doing in bed, someone, somewhere thinks it's perverted. It's a moral thing, and it's also an opinion -- so either EVERYTHING is perverted or NOTHING is. I enjoy labelling myself as a "pervert" because I like to embrace the sticks & stones people throw.

    Either way, as long as it's safe, sane and consensual, it's all good. No point slapping negative labels on stuff just because you're not into it... because you can guarantee there's someone out there doing the same thing to you!

    So glad I'm not alone in this! I view perversion in a positive light. I'll refer to myself as a pervert and say I only date perverts because who else would put up with my kink?

    However, for the sake of the thread, the only things I think that are sick and wrong, is anything non-consensual (including children and animals and deliberate spread of STIs). But maybe I'm just too accepting for my own good -- I don't have an issue with adult sibling incest as long as there's no chance of children being conceived, and I'm perfectly okay with paedophiles/hebephiles as long they do not actively pursue their desires (including, but not limited to, viewing child pornography). As long as nobody is being hurt without full consent, all's well in my eyes. There are things that don't do it for me (a lot of human excretions are far from sexy to me -- scat, emetophilia, eproctophilia, watersports), and I will probably never understand foot fetishists, but I like that the world is so varied...makes life a little more interesting.

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